Wednesday, April 15, 2009


well i moved to cape cod, so that's news. sweet house? check. beach just down the block? check. working from sweet home office with brand new macbook? check. friends? DOH!!!

yeah, oops, i forgot how to make new friends. i haven't had to do it since i think 6th grade, and i've just been cruising along ever since - sort of a snowball rolling down a hill just accumulating friends and acquaintances along the way. latching onto friends of friends and then claiming them as my own... it's been way too easy. so now i'm plucked from the bowels of boston (a timely metaphor, as i happen to be in boston today and it does indeed smell like hot shit) and plopped unceremoniously into this quaint little beach town.

within a couple days of my moving there, though, falmouth surprised me with titillating news stories about drug rings and shootings and buildings on fire. why, just this past weekend an 18-year-old drove his truck into the atlantic ocean. that story ended tragically for the driver, yes, but i can't fault the town for its ability to surprise a newly transplanted western-masser-turned-bostoner-turned-year-round-cape-codder like myself with its abundance of breaking wacky news.

here's an oldie but a goodie - "no no no" by destiny's child (a 98 classsssssssic):

peace oot
(that's canadian for "bye")

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

classics fo' dat ass

so every sunday night in boston, there is the most wonderful going-on. perhaps to make myself feel a little more special for taking part in it, i like to think of it is a well-kept secret that only a handful of others know about. this wonderful weekly soiree is better known around boston as the "backspin" - and you too can take part by tuning into jamn 94.5 from 8-10 on sunday nights. the host of said deliriously delightful program? spindarella. yes, THE spindarella of salt n' pepa fame.

side note: ummm if you dont know who spindarella is, you better a) ASK SOMEBODY and b) check her out in this retro S n' P vid:

ANYCRAP the backspin is the sweetest freaking 90s r&b and hip-hop show on the planet. it speaks directly to my soul - shut up i'm serious - and makes me soooooo happy. every song that comes on, i jump up and down in my passenger seat, hooting and hollering at david that "OH MY GOD THIS IS MY JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!" this past sunday was the best show i've heard in awhile, and it included one song in particular that really made my day. remember groove theory? well if you were alive in 1996 then yes, you do. well spindarella is obviously the bomb, but she made the mistake of playing the song "tell me" by groove theory and then stating, "you know, i love groove theory but this was their only song that came out." UM WRONGGGGGGG-O SPIN. ("spin" for short? or is it "spinda"? you decide.) surely you also remember "baby luv" as well! it didn't come out SO long after "tell me" that you shouldn't recollect it!

here are both, from me to you: