Monday, January 6, 2014

Annabelle Chai Chai Chai Eyeshadow Quad

About a week before Christmas, an unexpected package arrived in the mail for me from Groupe Marcelle Inc. (maker of Annabelle Cosmetics and Marcelle) - a bundle of beauty goodies!

Inside the package of stooooof was an eyeshadow quad (in the color Chai Chai Chai), a retractable eyeliner (in the color Chocochip), and three of Annabelle's fun TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayons (in colors Plump It Up, Fuchsianista, and Cherry). I'll have a separate post soon dedicated to those lipsticks because those are pretty fabulous.

The first of these products that I actually took for a spin in public was the eyeshadow quad, which I rocked for a night out in Vancouver last Saturday with my friend Rose. {She posted an Instagram pic of us here.}

Annabelle Chai Chai Chai Eyeshadow Quad

Close up of Annabelle Chai Chai Chai Eyeshadow Quad

So firstly - it's difficult to pop this quad open because the package is very smooth, and there's no "lip" to latch onto or push upwards on. I always feel like I'm going to break a nail getting into these shadows. If I had on fresh nail polish and tried to open this, it would surely end in disaster. Also, if you've recently applied hand lotion - good luck getting into this quad.

BUT! Once you get the quad top popped open, things are smooth sailing from there.

The eyeshadow quad comes with two small shadow applicators, but I'm pretty sure most people don't use these little foam things and opt to just use their own eyeshadow brushes - right? That's what I did anyway. Chai Chai Chai contains a cream shadow, a gold, a bronze, and a brown. Beautiful colors for blue eyes!

Swatches of Annabelle Chai Chai Chai Eyeshadow Quad

There's a handy little diagram on the back of the package that shows where you should place each color:

Guide for how to apply Annabelle Chai Chai Chai Eyeshadow Quad
I more or less followed that guide for my eye look when I went out in Gastown with Rose last week, but I went light on the brown color. Cue the bathroom selfies: 

Eye makeup look using Chai Chai Chai eyeshadow quad using bronze, gold, brown and cream shadows.

Eye makeup look using Chai Chai Chai eyeshadow quad using bronze, gold, brown and cream shadows.

These shadows are quite decently pigmented, but beware of fallout! Make sure to tap off the excess shadow before you bring your applicator up to your eye.

If you're curious, here's what other beauty products I'm using on my face in these pics:

- Aveeno + Marcelle DD Cream combo on my entire face (read about that here)
- eos lip balm in Pomegranate Raspberry (my favorite eos balm - find out why here)
- Benefit Cosmetic's Watt's Up highlighter on the very highest part of my cheekbones, as well as on my brow bone and in the corners of my eyes (this was part of my birthday present from Sephora)
- Mary Kay mineral cheek color in the shade Sunny Spice (also very nice for fair-skinned, blue-eyed girls!)
- Maybelline's The Rocket mascara
- In the above pics (but not the below pic) I'm also wearing the new eyebrow makeup that I picked up a couple weeks ago from the lovely ladies at 4 Angels Beauty Care
- Before I went out that night I also added a swipe or two of Revlon's Sunbaked ColorBurst Lip Gloss to my lips. That product was part of my #blogvancity swag bag and it's my FAVORITE lip gloss now.

Blue eyes makeup look using bronze, gold, brown and cream eye shadows

An Annabelle/Marcelle Cosmetics associate emailed me back in late November, asking if I'd liked to be placed on their media list. I didn't become a blogger to receive free stuff, but if blogging about the things I love ends up getting my name put onto a list of people who should be sent gifts.... well then I'm not going to argue.

I'd sent Groupe Marcelle some information about myself - my skin tone, eye color, products I like - to help guide their discretion about any products to send me, and they did a great job with these picks! This Chai Chai Chai quad is great if you've got fair skin and blue eyes - and the color options in this eyeshadow quad are versatile enough to make lots of different kinds of looks. I look forward to playing around with it more! There are some other color options of these palettes, too. You can find them at London Drugs for $10.99 (not an affiliate link).

Do you ever use any Annabelle or Marcelle Cosmetics products?

If you're light-skinned or blue-eyed, do you have a go-to eye look?

How are you feeling today?

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Disclaimer: I received some of the products mentioned in this post for free, but all opinions are mine, all miiiiiiine!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA! See my Disclosure Statement for more information.


  1. The quad colours look wonderful on you and so does the DD Cream! I really like it! It evens everything out and just makes your skin still look like you, but BETTER.

  2. That bronze is perfect on you, it really makes your blue eyes pop! So pretty!

  3. So pretty! I think gold looks lovely on blue eyes! Really makes them pop!

  4. This is so pretty! I have blue eyes, so I'm constantly drawn to gold colors!

  5. lovely make up
    new post:

  6. the shadows look great one you! i tried the marcelle dd cream but i thought it was so-so. i liked it a looot better than their CC cream though.!

    1. Thanks Jenn :) I never tried using the DD Cream all by itself because it was waaaay too dark for my skin tone, so I just mix it in with my normal face lotion for a little bit of coverage. Have you tried using it that way?

  7. The colors look amazing on you and really make your eyes pop!

  8. Those are great colors, you did a fantastic job!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. I love eye shadow palettes in natural shades. This particular one looks amazingly similar to Sephora 4 eye quads, I do not know if it's meant to be a dupe... You did a great job with your makeup! Usually when I follow diagrams I end up cleaning everything up and then applying makeup how I usually do :)

    1. Thank you! I like the natural shades too - I don't think I can pull off "unnatural" shades very well because of how fair-skinned I am!

  10. You're so pretty! :) Love your eyes!

    1. *Blushinnnng* Thank you Toria, that's very kind of you to say :)


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