Monday, March 31, 2014

My Haircut + Anti-Breakage Hair Tips

As I've mentioned already, I finally got a haircut last week after not having had one since last summer. My hair was hella long, which is my favorite way to have my hair... but it of course had plenty of split ends. Breaking hair is also a big problem for me, so I was also interested in chatting with my hair stylist about that to see if he'd have any recommendations for how to improve the problem.

Here's how my hair was looking when I went in to see James at Acacia Hair Boutique in Downtown Vancouver last Thursday:

My long hair just before a haircut at Acacia Hair Boutique in Vancouver
Now, just to give full disclosure - yes, my hair looks like absolute shit above BUT a) it was partially wet in that photo and had just been taken out of a haphazard braid, b) it hadn't been shampooed since the Monday prior, c) I had just power-walked 2 miles in the rain to get to the salon. So try not to judge me too much based on the completely ratchet look I've got going on in that Before pic.

Originally my plan was to ask for some long layers - I brought in this picture of Kristin Cavallari as a reference:

I've been getting layers cut into my hair for years but have never been especially thrilled with how they've turned out.  I always kind of felt like they weren't very noticeable, whereas you really can't miss the layers in the picture of K. Cav above! Maybe my hair wasn't right for layers?

James didn't think so - with my breakage problems, he recommended keeping the hair all one length if I wanted to keep it long. He also recommended a few other things to help the breaking:

  • I already use the Davines Mellow Anti-Breakage Lustrous Conditioner 1-2x/week, but don't currently use the Davines shampoo to go along with it. James recommended that I switch to using the complementary Davines shampoo, in order to get the full benefits of the conditioner I was already using. Note - they don't sell Davines products at Acacia, so it's not like he was telling me that in order to sell me an expensive shampoo!
  • Normally I let my hair air-dry every single day - honestly, I can't remember the last time I blow-dried it. You'd think that would be a good thing for my hair - no heat products, right? But in actuality, since wet hair is naturally more prone to damage/breaking, the longer that it remained wet each day, the longer it was left "vulnerable"! So he recommended that I start making a point to blow dry my hair each day, making sure to use a heat protectant spray first. He said if I did this for a month, I'd probably notice an improvement.
  • Finally, James suggests using an oil to help protect and nourish my poor, poor fragile strands. He'd used on my hair a Kevin Murphy oil treatment product called Young Again, which - I can't even stress enough - left my hair feeling incredible at the end of the appointment. I couldn't stop touching my hair, and when I asked James if that was due to the shampoo he'd used on me or due to another product, he said it was this oil! By the way, he also dished that you can make your own treatment at home using coconut oil. You can find lots of tutorials about that online!
So here's how much better my hair looked when James was finished with it:

Just after a haircut at Acacia Hair Boutique in Vancouver
He said it was incredibly satisfying for him to chop my hair - hair stylists must really get a buzz off of taking a woman's hair from bootleg to beautiful.

Hair clippings on the floor of the salon
I couldn't resist buying a $40 bottle of the Kevin Murphy Young Again oil treatment before leaving Acacia. I learned after purchasing the Davines conditioner back in the fall that it's totally worth it to spend some money up front and invest in your hair with nice products every once in awhile. The $33 conditioner seemed expensive in October... but here we are on March 31 and I'm still making my way through it. Makes a $33 conditioner seem a little less frightening, right? I'm assuming the same will be true of this $40 oil treatment - it's going to last me awhile.

What are some of your favorite hair care tips?
Do you currently use any oil products for your hair?
Any other tips for me on how to improve the strength of my hair? I'm all ears!!

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  1. Uhhh....what!?!?! I let my hair air dry every time I wash it (which, let's be frank--isn't every day) thinking it was safer/healthier. I had no clue! These hair people--they're brilliant! Also? Your hair is freaking effing gorgeous. Hate/love you for it ;)

  2. I have super long hair too, but I do blow dry it most the time, it makes it softer and more manageable. It looks lank and lifeless if I don't. Yours looks really sleek now! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more :) :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. My problem is that I work from home, so there's less incentive for me to put time/effort/electricity (LOL) into my hair routine! But as I told James, it makes sense that if I want my hair to look good, I'm going to have to put some effort into it! Thanks for stopping by my blog - now I'm off to check out yours!! :)

  3. Beautiful! My hair was SERIOUSLY dry and I just started letting my conditioner sit for a while and it's made a huge difference! Also, I don't live in dry utah anymore, that has to contribute somehow. haha

  4. Hey girl! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Info is in this blog post; hope you accept! Love your blog!! :)


  5. YOUR HAIR! So straight and perfect looking! I always blow dry, not because I thought it was healthy, but I'm usually lazy and wash my hair so late at night before I go to bed so I have to blowdry before I sleep. I usually use morrocan oil, but lately I am using remy hair spray and it's soooo good! I'm actually interested in getting a haircut soon, I'll put Acacia on my mental list!

    1. It takes me so loooooong to blow dry my hair - it's going to be a really difficult habit for me to get into. I got the recommendation to go to Acacia from another Vancouver blogger!

  6. Look at all that hair! It's so long and gorgeous! I like to let my hair air dry about 50% and then blow dry completely... and I don't use any kind of hair tie or clip in my wet hair so it doesn't cause breakage. It's amazing how much we're suppose to "baby" our hair, isn't it?!

    xo Always, Abby

  7. Lovvveeee your hair!!! I let my hair air dry sometimes, but mostly I blow dry at least 70% and then let the rest dry on its own. Speaking of products, I need to go hunt down some detangler stuff that my stylist used recently. Too bad I have no idea what it's called lol.

    1. I think I'm going to do what you do - a mix of blow dry and air dry. I don't use a detangler, but I am in love with the Anit-Breakage Conditioner that I use from the brand Davines!

  8. Your hair look BEAUTIFUL!
    I just had my hair cut too after about 6 months and man does it feel good!

    1. Thanks Jayne :) My hair feels so much better now - the cut plus the oil treatment I've been using have really made a difference!


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