Friday, February 13, 2015

Boston Snow, Pretty Valentine's Nails... and Annie Lennox

Happy Friday the 13th y'alllllllllll!

Don't mind my lack of posts this week. I'm somehow going to blame it on the snow. We've got lots of that up here in Boston these days. Apparently it's a record amount of snowfall in a 30-day period, and the city is kind of losing its shit. They don't know where to put all this snow, so streets have become narrower, snowbanks have gotten higher, and malcontent has juuuuust about reached its saturation point. Personally, I take my life into my hands each time I creep my car - inch by inch - out of my building's parking lot, because the snowbanks are so high that there's absolutely no way to know if there's a car coming or not. It's a real gamble every time - one that may soon cause me to experience either a car accident or a heart attack. I'm hoping for neither... wish me luck.

Obligatory weather-talk aside, guess what else I've been doing like a champ this week that's kept me from blogging...

Working out! HEYO! #BetterFasterStronger.

It's been so long since I've been able to have a normal-ish gym routine, thanks to the many aches, pains, ailments, troubles, et ceteras that I've been bitching about since the summer. With physical therapy now in my rear view and the numbness gone from my arm, I'm back to taking advantage of my Gold's Gym membership. It feels amazing, and I can't wait to see myself tone up again! It's been hard to eat whatever the hell I want and maintain my girlish figure at the same time these last few months. ;)

Anycrap. [Insert normal segue.] I know last week's nail polish blog was rife with grumpiness about Valentine's Day, but something inside me insisted upon an official VDay mani after all. Whatever. Shut up. Here it is:

Valentine's Day nails

No hearts though. Eff that.

Valentine's Day nails, Essie A List, red, silver, black and white polka dots

The red is A List from Essie, silver is Diamond Texture from Revlon, and the middle finger is Snow Me White by Sinful Colors topped with Clearly Spotted from Maybelline.

Red nails with silver accent and black and white accent

The red nails all required 3 coats, and they're still not totally opaque. The formula of A List is really beautiful... but it's thin. Much like Giuliana Rancic.

Valentine's Day Nails, red, silver, black and white

Speaking of her and that (hey look, a relevant segue!), I didn't watch the Grammys last week because I don't have cable, but I have watched some of the highlights online. Two damn words y'all:  Annie. Lennox. Two more words: SHE TOOK ME TO CHURCH 'N PUT A SPELL ON ME, FOR REALSIES. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please behold:

Mmmmmmhmm. Spectacular.

This weekend I'm going home to Pittsfield to visit my family - seemed like a nice way to spend Valentine's Day, plus it's my little sister's 23rd birthday. Yeah, my baby sister is turning 23. Time, AMIRIGHT? Shit marches on.

Wish me luck in my travels this weekend because there is another round of snow/blizzard coming our way. I have a feeling the 2.5-hour drive from Pittsfield back to Boston may be closer to a 5-hour drive through the snow on Sunday! Eesh.


  1. LOVE the nails. You always go way out! Today mine are seriously in need of polish as the orange glitter is very chipped off.
    Good luck in the snow. I am in Montana and usually we are buried also, but this year we have had a mix of deep snow then unseasonably warm days. Like the high 60's - cray cray

    1. Thank you! And wow your Montana weather is surprising - I always think of it as VERY "wintery" there. Stay warm!

    2. Thank you! It has been very strange to see them foucs on the Eastern part of the US and us be "mild" but it is a welcome change to me.
      Have a beautiful day

  2. We might get snow this week and I'm overly excited about it (I know...southerners, right?) This manicure is perfection. I need to get the maybelline polish stat. I always swoon over it whenever you feature it.

  3. Annie Lennox is the bomb. Yes, there's been crazy weather lately. Thankfully NYC avoided any major blizzard but you can totally use that as an excuse :)

    But onto the nails... can I say they look like Cruela Deville nails? hehe

    1. You are not the only one who made a 101 Dalmatians reference regarding this mani!! I hope you guys still avoided the snow yesterday - Boston got walloped!

  4. Woot! That red may need three coats but it's hot ticket!! And adding that "cookie" topper was a great idea! Super Vday-ish without hearts. Eff those hearts, for real. Haha!

    And the snow. Dear lord, the snow. Can it stop now, please? OVER. IT. Hope you had a great time with your fam jam! And I hope you got home safe!

  5. Very cute mani Bailey!
    All our little sisters grow up I know...I keep saying my little sister and she's 27.

    1. Thanks Jayne! And I plan on referring to her as my baby sister forever ;)

  6. I love these! I've never thought of doing three separate colours like this, but it definitely works! The snow sounds crazy - it's been all over the place here as well, today we had a big snow storm in fact and the roads were awful. Luckily I'm home now!

    1. Thank you Melissa :) It's too hard for me to settle on just one or two colors sometimes ;) Glad you made it home safely - stay warm!!


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