Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Few Good (Winter) Things

Like most people, my life has been a bit busier the last month or two. I've taken lots of pictures and done some fun things... but haven't had the time to blog about them! Consider this particular Few Good Things post a bit of a photo dump, and take a peek into my recent life in pictures. Also... it's more like "a TON of good things" than just a few, so... brace yaself.

I spotted some pretty colors and flora while out for a late-November walk...

Late fall scene, berry bush beside a green shrub in Vancouver

Tree and seagrass in Vancouver

Trees against a green hedge in Vancouver, early winter

The Lights of Hope in front of St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver:

The Lights of Hope in front of St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver
.  lights of hope is an annual fundraiser  .

I walked down to the waterfront to see the Vancouver tree lighting ceremony on December 6...

Vancouver Christmas tree lighting ceremony, 2013

This year I wrapped all of my family's presents in brown parcel paper, 
tied with hemp cord and red sparkly string:

Presents wrapped in brown parcel paper, tied with hemp cord and red string

A few random shots of our Christmas tree...

Close up of Christmas tree with white lights

Christmas tree with white lights

Presents under a tree, wrapped in brown parcel paper
.  you might have seen me share this picture on my facebook page!  .

On December 8, Dave and I took a walk along the Seaside Bike Path...

Boat capsized along the Seaside Bike Path in Vancouver
.  this boat didn't appear to be doing well...  .

Ships in the English Bay, Vancouver
.  view of the tankers out in english bay  .

Blue Vancouver skies in December
.  sunny december skies  .

It snowed a bit on December 9, and we took a walk through the quiet snow that evening...

Kitsilano Beach under a layer of snow, and ships in the English Bay
.  kitsilano beach under a thin layer of snow  .

Bald eagles in a tree in Vancouver
.  my buddies, the two bald eagles near my apartment, hanging out in the quiet snowy night  .

I found Smarties flavored candy canes at The Candy Aisle in Vancouver...

Smarties flavored candy canes from the Candy Aisle in Vancouver
.  in canada, "smarties" are a totally different candy than the smarties in america - this was an import item!  .

On December 15, Dave and I took a nice long walk to Stanley Park...

Bright red tree in front of a bright green tree in Vancouver
.  pretty colors!  .

Bright red tree in front of a bright green tree in Vancouver, Stanley Park

Hummingbird in Stanley Park, Vancouver
.  i spotted a hummingbird in the park  .

Huge tree in Vancouver's Stanley Park
.  some of the trees in stanley park are huuuuuuuuuge  .
.  sorry, i couldn't resist putting this BIG picture in here!  .

Sun coming through the trees in Stanley Park in Vancouver
.  sun rays through the woods in stanley park  .

On December 20 it snowed. On my palm tree. JUXTAPOSITION.

A palm tree in Vancouver covered in winter snow.
.  the palm tree on our porch, covered in snow  .

So that's just a random smattering of the things we've been doing around here lately. As I mentioned earlier this week, we went up to Whistler, BC for the 2 days leading up to Christmas. We did some hiking/snowshoeing on Monday and then enjoyed Whistler Village on Monday night and Tuesday morning before heading back to Vancouver. I'll share some pictures from our trip soon!

Did you do anything special on Christmas Eve? We ate grilled cheeses and rented Fred Claus last night - not a bad evening, if you ask me. Today we each FaceTime/Skyped with our families back on the east coast while our nieces/nephews opened presents. I love that the technology exists to let us all see each other, even when we're an entire country apart!

I hope you all had a merry Christmas and that Santa brought you everything that you wanted. Now, who is with me on leaving up the Christmas trees and decorations until January 25th?

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  1. What a gorgeous area you live in - do scenic and striking!

    1. There always seems to be something pretty to see around here :)

  2. Those are a few of my favorite things! You're just missing raindrops on roses & whiskers on kinttens. ;)

  3. i passed by the capsized boat last night. apparently its been there for weeks now. my boyfriend first say it a couple weeks ago on his way home.

    i love the look of your parcel wrapped gfits. so simple and somehow traditional.

    1. Yeah! That boat is still there - I can't believe how long it's just been sitting there. There are some other damaged boats washed up around the other side of False Creek too - kind of surprised they haven't been removed yet!


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