Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Chevron & Dot Nails

Oh hey, Friday. What up girl? I took off today from work so I could head down to Washington state to finish up my Christmas shopping and then mail out gifts to my family in Massachusetts. It's cheaper/faster to mail from the US, so screw you Canada. Just kidding, you're ok.

I squeezed in some time last night to paint my nails with a holiday color scheme, inspired by this pin. Since I don't have a ton of time this morning to write this, I hope you'll excuse the brevity!

aka Bailey, holiday nail art, chevron, polka dot

For this mani I used Essie's Case Study as my base color, Essie's A List for the red and Sinful Colors' Envy for the green. I also used my Quo dotting tool and my chevron nail decals from Inspired Nails.

Essie Case Study, Essie A List, Sinful Colors Envy, nail polish

Envy was a bit gloopy, so I had a bit of fisticuffs with that polish when pulling up my chevron nail decals. There was some string-age... and if you are familiar with how gloopy polishes behave, then you will know what I mean by that.

aka Bailey, holiday nail art, chevron, polka dot, red, green

I've been lying in bed at night thinking about different holiday nail designs, so... hope that's not weird to you.

aka Bailey, holiday nail art, chevron, polka dot, red, green

Did you see my round up of my 2012 holiday/winter nails? I posted it yesterday - check it out here!

Love polka dot nails? More of those here.

If chevrons are your thing (you sicko!!), here are a few chevron nail looks.

What are you rocking on your nails today? Have you started on any holiday nails yet?

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  1. These remind me of sugar cookies with the red and green sprinkles!

    1. That's a good comparison Lulubelle.

    2. Yesss, they totally reminded me of Christmas cookies too!

    3. haha that's just what I was going to say too!

  2. I'm totally over chevrons at this point BUT yours are adorable. And great idea, using classic holiday colors with them! :D
    I hope you're enjoying your foray into less-frozen-but-infinitely-wetter WA!

    1. I'm getting close to needing a big break from chevrons myself, but I do love how they provide endless color combinations!

  3. I love this! You must have one hell of a steady hand!

    Corinne x

  4. Your nails look amazing, as always! That brown totally reminds me of a gingerbread man. :) I'm not sure if they have TJ Maxx in Canada, but the next time you're in WA, you should definitely check one out. They have Essie nail polishes for $5! Right now, they have a ton of colors.

    And I don't think it's weird at all that you think about nail designs in bed... because I do the same thing, but with style/mood board posts! :)


    1. You are too kind! We don't have TJ Maxx, but we do have an equivalent called Winners - and I have seen lots of good polishes there for cheaper! Probably not $5, but definitely cheaper than in other stores.

      And I think lying in bed thinking up style/mood boards sounds like a perfectly dreamy creative thing to do :)

  5. Yes, I love these nails. I wore some acrylics to my holiday party, but I think I want to do a cute nail design like this for the holidays.

    Come enter my Amy O. necklace giveaway!

  6. Bailey!

    Oh my goodness! Your nails are just too cute! I love them! Cute colors too!

    Lillies & Silk

  7. So cute! And uuuuuuuuugh. Gloppy polish is the pits. They turned out great despite it, though!

    Also, I love that you went south side to mail things because Canada Post is pretty much the worst. I'd boycott them if I had enough money to send everything via UPS (come on book deal! Haha!).


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