Monday, April 7, 2014

A Spring Hike on Mt. Seymour

Happy Mondaaaaaaaay! As I mentioned yesterday, we did a Sunday snowshoe hike up Mt. Seymour this weekend. Mt. Seymour is located just about 45 minutes away, in North Vancouver. Ten minutes of that drive is just getting up the winding mountain road to reach the parking lots at the ski resort and trailheads.

I've hiked Mt. Seymour more than any other mountain around here - I think about 5 times at this point? I like this hike because it's full of plenty of steep, climbing parts that really challenge you - but it's also nicely broken up by short flat stretches as well as less-steep grades that allow you to catch your breath a bit. It was a foggy and cloudy hike for us - not unusual around these parts. There were a few opportunities where the clouds broke and a view or two could be had... so I tried to snap as many pictures of those parts as possible.

There are three "pumps" to get up Mt. Seymour - essentially three different summits. Obviously the third and highest is the true summit, but the other two are both nice goals to aim for as well. I've actually never gotten past the first pump of Seymour - I guess we've always just been sufficiently spent after reaching that one that we've never felt the need to keep going. From what I'm told, the first pump has the best views anyway.

We reached the first pump on Sunday around noon, and then stopped to rest and eat our lunch of a Subway turkey sandwich, chips, and Snickers before heading back down the mountain.

Enjoy the pictures!

Hiking Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver

Hiking Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver

April hike on Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver

April hike on Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver

Look closely at the center of this picture... See those black dots in the top-middle?

Climbers ascending Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver

They're people! And they are climbing up some STEEP shit:

Climbers ascending Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver

This is a shot of the first pump, from below...

View of first pump on Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver

Panorama view of first pump on Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver
.  click for a larger view  .
This is at the top of the first pump - Dave took this photo of a hiker in the distance:

View from first pump on Mt. Seymour

This next photo is tricking your eye... It looks like you're looking UP the mountain, but actually this is a shot from the very top of the first pump, looking DOWN the mountain: 

Same with this photo - it's looking down the mountain. 
And check out the dark, ominous clouds that rolled in!

We sat in that spot and enjoyed our lunch before deciding that that black cloud didn't look so good, and we were on our way. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Now... when are YOU coming to visit BC?

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  1. Hi Bailey *cool name*
    Your pics look awesome! Have to put this on my travel list :-)

  2. Gosh those pictures are beautiful. Post card worthy. :)


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