Friday, April 25, 2014

Pastel and Silver Glitter Nails

You know how sometimes you just wanna throw some silver glitter on it? (Ke$ha, you know what I'm sayin, girrrrl.) #WULL, yesterday I was just cruising along innocently, painting my nails some pretty pastels.... when SUDDENLY there was silver glitter covering more than half of my nails! WHAT ON EARTH?! WHO'S THROWIN THE GLITTER???

Oh, it was me.

Pastel nails with silver glitter

I used two Sally Hansen Insta-Dri pastels - Jade Jump (shown here) and Pink Blink (shown here). They both act the way you'd expect a Sally Hansen pastel polish to act - streak-city. But they're still such pretty colors!

Sally Hansen Jade Jump with Silver Glitter, nails

For the silver glitter, I used my new Revlon Diamond Texture polish, which I also used recently in my Negative Space Glitter Nails

Sally Hansen pastel polishes with silver glitter

Don't mind my raggedy cuticles - I have no idea why they look so haggard in these pictures. I swear they don't look like that right now... maybe it was due to the acetone I was using for cleanup? 

Sally Hansen Jude Jump swatch

This mani kind of reminds me of sorbet ice cream with sprinkles on it... even though sprinkles aren't silver and glittery. What say you?

Revlon Diamond Texture silver glitter polish over pastels

This weekend will be one for top-to-bottom epic cleaning of my apartment because there's a very special visitor heading my way quite soon... My mom is coming to Vancouver next week to visit AND to run the Vancouver Marathon (she is a BOSS)! I'm so excited for her to see the city I've been living in. My hometown back in Massachusetts is in a valley with lots of big, rolling hills... but the mountains that are surrounding Vancouver are just on another level. She's going to love it! And as a cool touristy bonus, the marathon route doubles as a lovely tour of the city ;)

What exciting things do you have going on this weekend?
Any special visitors headed your way?
What are you rocking on your nails today?

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  1. yea i saw these yesterday and forgot to comment but i like the mani idea. i really need to get myself some more colors and glitters (or maybe i dont....sounds like another potential area of makeup hoarding...)

    1. Ohh yeah, nail polishes can get you into "hoarder" status pretty quickly haha - especially when they're on sale.......

  2. Your mom's a boss! I shiver at the thought of running a marathon. I can barely run a 10K...How can one go on for so long?! Are you running with her?

    1. I love hiking and exercising, but I would nottttt consider myself a runner! I'm definitely NOT running the marathon with her haha but I will cheer her on as she runs past me! ;)

  3. I am A FAN!! Also--I think I need that revlon's been decided. I hate that the pastels were streaky but such is life. Your mom is running a marathon? Here I am trying to pump up my playlist to get me through a 22 minute run later today and she's going to run 26.2 miles. Yeah. But it's nice that it'll act as a great tour of the city!! You girls have fun!!!

  4. oh my, my fav shade of green! love the half moon manicure :D

    Macarons and Mischief

    1. Definitely one of my favorite shades of green too!!

  5. YAY! MOMMY VISIT! Those are the best!! And your nails. Bailey, I just don't even know what to say. Each week, you come up with something super creative and cool and I can't even handle it!! The combo of pastels and sparkles is awesome! I just loathe how streaky pastels can be but you totally can't tell because of the sparkles. Well played, girl!! Haha!


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