Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Foliage Nails

Oh well hello there, Friday. Fancy seeing you here again.

It's been another week of muscle relaxers and chiropractor appointments over here, trying to make my shoulder stop misbehaving. I can't tell if the chiropractor is helping or not, but at least I've got a man massaging my neck for me twice a week. Don't tell him I said that.

In other news, I have been taking walks outside in the refreshing sunshine that Boston has had this week - and the autumn leaves are really looking spectacular. I've got a ton of pictures to share with you soon, so please come back on Monday to leaf-peep some of thooose!

On a related note, my nails today were inspired by a tree right outside my window that has slowly been turning from green to yellow over the last couple of weeks. Everyday it's a little more amber and a little less emerald, which inspired me to break out my makeup sponge and do a sponge mani with green, yellow and orange.

I'm not entirely thrilled with how these came out - honestly, they're not what I envisioned. But they're not awful, so that's why I'm sharing them.

I started out by painting all of my nails this Hunter Green color from Love & Beauty. Next I used some white polish on a makeup sponge to dab some random splotches around my nails. (The white splotches would serve as my "blank canvas" for the next steps.)  Once the white was dry, I repeated that step with a yellow polish (Little Miss Sunrise by Essence), then an orange polish (Metallic Mango from Milani), and finished it off with another dabbing of the yellow polish.

At the very least, this is something out of the ordinary and different. It can also be done with pretty much any color combination you'd like, so... go forth and dab with your sponges, ladies.

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  1. Definitely evokes fall, which I hope visits the Gulf Coast soon!

    1. Fall is my favorite season - I hope it arrives for you soon too :)

  2. I think it would look nice if the background had some darker green sponged on it as well, to really give the full thing a painterly look! :)

  3. It reminds me of a Vincent Van Gogh....the crab one, with the green background and the stark contrast of warm tonal colors. I like it!

  4. Even tho you don't like how you nails turn out. I think they look great. I hope you shoulder feels better soon.

  5. These are so great!! It's always a bummer when manis don't turn out the way you envisioned them, but I think they're awesome! I agree with Beth--they look Van Gogh-ish. And a super combo for fall!

  6. fun! I love experimenting even when it doesn't turn out I learn! visiting from the nail files

  7. Ha! Not what I envisioned but not awful--pretty much how I feel about 99.9% of all of my nail art hah! I'm sorry your shoulder is STILL giving you trouble! Ugh!


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