Monday, October 13, 2014

New England in the Fall: Everywhere Else Can Suck It

Sooo not to brag or anything, but New England in the fall is simply the bee's knees. October, specifically, is the month to come here if you're looking to do any leaf-peeping. That means you better get here pronto if you want in on the action this year.

My neighborhood isn't lacking in deciduous trees, so I've got a front row view of Mother Nature doing her annual color-changing thang. Things look different around here every single day, and I have been snapping plenty of pictures around my hood each time I go out for a walk or to run an errand. Here's a bit of what's been in my lens:

This weekend I tried to get back to the gym a little bit, but only to do cardio. I still can't do many other exercises without my shoulder hurting, so at the very least I can put in some 30-minute sessions on the elliptical here and there. Can't be letting myself get soft during Halloween month, when we're all supposed to look super fly in our skanky costumes. Just kidding, my costume won't be skanky - though it will feature some exposed bra. Can't wait to show you what I mean, but you'll just have to wait till Halloween to find out. My friend J-rod throws an annual Halloween party that I've missed out on the last 2 years, being away in Vancouver, so it's especially exciting for me to be here for it this year.

Stay tuned for probably more fall pictures from my neck of the woods.
Do the leaves change where you live?
Are you dressing up for Halloween?

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  1. Gorgeous!! I love fall, so much! I've never experienced fall on the east, and I'm loving it so far! My favorite part- it's still not all the way fall, at least here. It's taking it's sweet time to fully arrive and i am a-ok with that! Totally ok with dragging it out a little. haha

    I don't think I'm dressing up for halloween, but I'll probably wear a halloween shirt. :)

  2. So beautiful!! Love that first picture! Please send some of that beautiful fall foliage over. It's still hot out here though it's supposedly going to cool down this week - lol not gonna hold my breath.

    1. That first picture is one of my favs too :) I heard that Cali was still quite hot! Hope it cools down a bit soon!

  3. New England in fall is totally the bees knees! (And you did an awesome job of capturing that.)

    1. Thanks Lauren :) Hopefully I'll have a few more photos to post before all the leaves are gone!

  4. Goooooorgeous!
    I am trying to convince a friend to go with me to Boston this fall/winter! These pics are making me want to go right now!

    1. Yesssss, come on up Britt!!! It would be awesome to meet up for a coffee or something if you make it up :) It's beautiful around Boston in the wintertime too - when the city is lit up with Christmas lights!


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