Thursday, December 11, 2014

2 Ways to Style an NFL Jersey

Earlier this week, I was invited to participate in a style challenge with, a retailer specializing in sports apparel. The challenge was to choose an NFL jersey from their site and build a stylish outfit board based around that jersey. Fortunately for Fanatics' social media coordinator, she reached out to me right on the heels of a Patriots win, so the idea of creating a style board based around one of their jerseys sounded DAMN GOOD to me! Hooray for style and football in one fell swoop!

The challenge was to create one outfit, but my excitement may have accidentally overflowed into two different game-day outfits: one for watching at a friend's house (or AT the actual game, if that's how you roll!), and one for staying in, being cozy, and watching from home on a chilly December day.

After browsing around their selection of NFL jerseys (read: navigating straight to the Patriots section), I decided to base my outfits around the women's style jersey of Mr. Rob Gronkowski. It was pretty difficult to choose a player, so Gronk was chosen more or less because he just had a great game on Sunday night against the Chargers. Also because going with Tom Brady seemed too cliché, handsome and talented though he may be. Sigh. #DatSmileDoe.

Below are my two looks, and if you love any of these items, I've included links to where you can buy them (not affiliate links, just REGULAR LINKS).

LOOK 1 - Watching at a friend's house, looking all fly 'n shit:

LOOK 2 - Watching at your own crib, lookin' all cozy, not givin' a whaaaaaaaaaaat:

I obviously chose these jerseys because I'm a Pats fan, but which jersey would you choose? Do you root for a team? Did you choose your team by location, random family loyalty, color scheme? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Cute! I never think about my football style, but Sunday 28th we're watching the game at my mom's (with the entire family) and then going out for a nice dinner I need to pick up some tips from this post. :)
    I'd pick the Seahawks. Not because I'm a huge fan (I'm very 'meh' about football, but Seattle in general is crazy for the 'Hawks right now so I'm a fan), but because they're jersey colors are blue and green, my two favorite colors. :)

  2. cute! i also did this challenge.. click here to see my ensemble

    followed your blog... hope you follow me back =)


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