Friday, December 19, 2014

Festive Nails (that I Should Have Posted Last Week)

Heyoooo! This week has been chock-full of me doing Christmas prep in the form of buying and wrapping presents, so I didn't have a ton of time to work on nails. The gift-wrapping that I did has me feeling PRETTY self-satisfied, so it will be super exciting me for me to eventually share that here on my blog with lots of pictures... but in the meantime, here is a re-do of the Christmassy nails I did last week but was unable to photograph at the time.

Emerald green nails with rose gold glitter accents

I used my Revlon Parfumerie polish in the color Balsam Fir and a Maybelline Color Show polish in the color Gilded Rose. All of my fingers besides my ring finger got 2 coats of Balsam Fir, while my ring finger got 3 coats of Gilded Rose. I also topped my middle finger with one coat of Gilded Rose for some extra bling.

Aside from gift-wrapping, this has been a busy week! On Monday evening I had physical therapy followed by a dinner date at Sei Bar with my friend Stephanie and her friend Cris. On Wednesday I spent the evening volunteering at a local food pantry, and last night I had physical therapy followed by a holiday event at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Tonight my friend Kara and I are taking a *romantic* stroll through Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood to look at Christmas decorations. Beacon Hill is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston, and the old buildings and cobblestone streets make for a really magical Christmas stroll, so it's been on my list of December must-do's. Thank god Kara agreed to do it with me haha - otherwise it might have been the prettiest, loneliest walk of my year! I'll take pictures of the decorations, and if they come out well I'll post them in a blog.

I hope your week has been going well!
What are your plans for the weekend?
What are you rocking on your nails today?

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  1. Oh friend I really like these!! So pretty and festive! And that maybelline color is swoon worthy for real! Glad you've had some nice stuff going on the last few weeks! <3

  2. Gorgeous! Makes me want to go pull out my green polishes now! :) I love the middle nail!

    1. Thanks Toria! An emerald polish that smells like Balsam Fir is pretty much perfect for this time of the year :)

    2. I still have tried any scented polishes; I need to!

  3. last week. this week. eh! still looks good!

  4. I totally hear ya about being too busy to catch up with nails. It sounds like you've got a great plan laid out for enjoying the rest of the Christmas season, though! Beacon Hill has got to be gorgeous this time of year!


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