Friday, January 23, 2015

Blueberry Gumdrops and Mint Apple Nails

My mani sounds way more scrumptious than yours does. SAWRY LOLOLOL JK NO I'M NOT. #nomnomnom

Blueberry Sweet on You Gumdrops by OPI and Mint Apple Nails

Using Mint Apple by Sinful Colors and Blue-Berry Sweet on You from the Nicole by OPI Gumdrops collection, I whipped up this look featuring a polka dot accent nail. Too many months without a polka dot mani makes one weak... I always say. (Yes, always.) And it's been way too long since I last dotted my nails, so I was feeling pretty weak. Yep, I'm blaming my weakness on the lack of polka dots and not on the lack of workouts. LAY OFF ME, I'M INJURED.

Blueberry Sweet on You Gumdrops by OPI and Mint Apple Polka Dot Nails

Anycrap! For these nails, I did 3 coats of Blue-Berry Sweet on You on my pinky, pointer and thumb nails, and 3 coats of Mint Apple on my middle finger. I used 2 coats of Snow Me White (Sinful Colors) on my ring finger, topped with Mint Apple polka dots.

Blueberry Sweet on You Gumdrops by OPI and Mint Polka Dot Accent Nail

As usual (and especially since it'd been so long since my last polka dot mani), I did some practice polka dots on a piece of scrap paper before going to my nails with my dotting tool. If you want to step up your polka-dotting game, here's an entire blog full of my favorite tips for making perfect polka dots on your nails. You can also browse through all of my polka dot manis here.

Blue-Berry Sweet on You, Gumdrops, Nicole by OPI, Mint Polka Dot accent nail

Elsewhere in my life, there are a few other things going on...

1. I'm still looking for a roommate... yeah, a roommate for February 1. Like, a week from now. I seriously thought it would be easy to find a roommate, but joke's on me! I've listed my place on Craigslist, HotPads, PadMapper... so far no great leads. Um, know anyone cool who needs a place to live near Boston? I'm about to have to pay for the entire month of February by myself, soooo........ send me your freshest homeless friends. Please 'n thanks.

2. Deflategate. I mean, geezus people. Can we say buzzkill? I don't have an explanation for this shit, but I'm not making any excuses either. It just sucks for last weekend's amazing game/win to be tainted by all of it, and it makes me feel a bit more sheepish about broadcasting how excited I am that the Patriots are in the Super Bowl. (But really though....... WHOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!! PATRIOTS FTW!!)

3. GUYSSSSSS - I'm hosting Craft Club #4 this weekend! It's happening a little late in January, but we're squeezing one in nonetheless! Sunday's craft is going to be collaging, so I'm excited to host my friends and show them my techniques for making collages. I actually haven't really had anyone over at my place at all yet since I've lived here, so this is kind of like breaking-in my apartment in some way. Better late than never! And it seemed like a good idea to host Craft Club here while I've still got the entire apartment to myself :) You can, of course, expect a recap and some pictures of our crafting adventures here in a week or two, if you're into that sort of thing. Note: You oughtta be into that sort of thing.

What do you have going on this weekend?
Have any polka dots on your nails or homeless-but-employed friends to send me?

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  1. YAY for craft club! I can imagine that finding a roommate is no easy feat--but then again I'm picky and was worried enough I'd have trouble living with J who I'd been dating for 7 years by time we "moved in together" (read: got married, so I really didn't have much of a choice, ha). Good luck!! And those nails are super fab!! The gumdrop polishes always make me think they'll be especially "jelly" like and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! The name just appeals to me SO SO MUCH!

  2. these look so pretty! i've never heard of "gumdrop polish" but it sounds great! i love the polka dot nails!

    1. Thanks Amber! The Gumdrop polish has a bit of gritty texture to it and its really multi-dimensional in color. Very pretty!

  3. Yay for adorably sweet manis! It's just so...chipper. :)

    Best of luck with the roommate situation! Friends of friends of friends if the only way I've been able to work that out. I've got my fingers crossed for you!

    1. Thanks Beth! I am hoping I can find a friend of a friend :)

  4. YAY! CRAFTS!!! I love crafts and seriously need to do them more. And I'm loving this nails, girl! They're so fun and bright and sparkly, WELL DONE!! Bummer about the roommate situation. Hopefully someone awesome comes along so you're not super broke come February! I'm also hoping that the dots act like Popeye's spinach, for you. Nail polish is totally capable of healing the body, probably. ;)

  5. Very cute mani!
    Have fun hosting your craft party!

    1. I'm seriously in love with these nails too, they keep making me so happy when I see the pics haha. Craft Club was a success - post and pics soon! :)


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