Friday, January 9, 2015

Navy-Teal and Emerald Nails

It's been a little bit quiet around here these last few weeks, nails-wise. I bet you forgot I even had fingernails, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU!?!

Well good news - my fingernails are still in tact, though I did have to file them down quite a bit this week to get rid of some breakage. If my itty-bitty fingernails offend you or make you think me unworthy of keeping a nail blog, please shoo. Go on, shoo. Git! #Scram.

For the rest of you, perhaps you'd care to know that this nail polish combo was loosely inspired by an outfit I was wearing just yesterday. I was donning a navy blue Boston t-shirt with a teal-emerald cardigan and rather enjoyed the pairing, so into my nail polish box I went, emerging with these two polishes:

Navy teal nail polish from Love & Beauty Forever 21, Balsam Fir Parfumerie from Revlon

A dark, teal-leaning navy from Love & Beauty (Forever 21) and my trusty Balsam Fir Parfumerie polish from Revlon. I really like the way the subtle green-hue of the navy polish plays off of the Balsam polish.

Revlon Parfumerie Balsam Fir with navy teal accent nails

Other places you've seen me use Balsam Fir:

Festive Nails
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Revlon Parfumerie Balsam Fir with navy teal accent nails

Oh, and as for the wrist-brace shaped elephant in these pictures... just the latest in the long, storied history of random pains that my body has been experiencing since the summer.

I started feeling pain in my left wrist on Wednesday, which grew more painful by the hour. By the end of my workday, I was actually yelping in pain and typing with one hand, so I had to make a trip through the wind and snow to buy this wrist brace from CVS. Every time I think it's safe to take it off, I am immediately shouting in pain again. My physical therapist (who is seeing me for my neck/arm/shoulder pains) thoroughly inspected my wrist yesterday and said that it was a flare up of tendonitis. GREAT. So! The brace is my newest accessory, and soon all of the hottest nail bloggers will be sporting them. You heard it hear first!

What are you up to this weekend?
Any bodily aches got YOU down?
Whatcha rockin' on your nails?

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  1. Did you know I wear a wrist brace almost regularly? I've had surgery twice on my right wrist which was never properly rehabbed either time, and so now I have pain in my wrist almost constantly. It gets worse the more I type--so the good news is I chose a profession where...oh yeah, you guessed it, I'm typing constantly! haha! I hate wearing the brace because it inhibits me from doing certain things--but if I don't wear it it hurts. J's threatened to buy those copperhand gloves (from tv) to try them out--I'm not opposed to that idea! haha! I'm sorry you're dealing with so many pains lately friend, but per usually I'm loving your nails!

  2. Love this combo! I wouldn't have though to pair these two colors!

    1. I usually let my surroundings inspire/dictate what color pairings I use :) Inspiration is everywhere!

  3. I DID forget you had nails! In fact, I was actively envisioning you without them.

  4. Oh GOOD because I get tendonitis sometimes as well, and have been aching to bust out my grey wrist brace. Now I can finally be on-trend! :D

    Why is it I never think of pairing two colors? I need to read your posts before painting my nails, and remember that. I hope the inflammation goes down and the pains stop. Random body pain sucks.

  5. So from what I gather from your post and the comments, I need to get me one of these wrist braces. I may not be the hottest nail blogger, but I obviously want to fit in. Joey doesn't mention which colour hers is, but you and Beth are rocking grey, so that's what I'll plan on looking for. Am I serious? Of course I am. ;)

    Nail wise, MAN do I love that green. It's a perfect forest green and it looks sooooooo good on you. I still don't know how you can use that ball-top. I'm all thumbs when I'm holding those babies. Haha!

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