Friday, January 16, 2015

A "Mreh"-nicure & Some Cool News

The mediocre mani you'll see below was four G.D. attempts in the making.


Each time was with different polishes, but they all just kept turning out like straight garbage. Whether it was a wretched polish formula or an inadequately opaque glitter, nothing was pleasing me. When I finally landed on this combo of a galaxy-esque polish and accents of silver glitter, I was ready to leave it on whether it was fabulous or not. Spoiler alert (from the first sentence of this blog): It wasn't extremely fabulous, but it's fine. It's FINE. UGH.

Holographic galaxy nails with silver glitter accents

The blueish-purpleish-holographickish polish is Mysterious Curse from Orly, and I haven't featured it on my blog since waaaaaaaaaay back in October 2012 when it was on my list of favorite Fall nail polishes.

Holographic galaxy nails with silver glitter accents
.  WHY do my hands look like they are full of jaundice and sans any circulation?!  .
On my ring finger and thumb nail I did two coats of Pure Ice Beware (an old favorite of mine that also hasn't been featured here in awhile), topped with one coat of Platinum Adorn (a glitter with silver hexes and fine silver bars from Maybelline's Color Show Jewels line).

I hadn't used Beware in quite awhile, even though it used to be on pretty heavy rotation on my nails. Here are some other ways I've used it:
Orly Mysterious Curse with Pure Ice Beware silver glitter accent nails

Not much else to say about these nails - they're just mreh for me, personally. I wish some of the other polishes I'd tried first had worked out because their color combinations would have been much more interesting than this.

On a brighter note, to make up for the ridiculousness of my multiple nail failures, the universe ushered into my life two exciting positives yesterday:

1. I finally ditched the non-smartphone Samsung Brightside I'd been using for the last 2+ years and replaced it with my first-ever iPhone! It's an iPhone 5S, and owning it is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying. On the one hand... Data. Internet. Apps. On the other hand... the dreaded screen shatter. Don't think for one second that I haven't noticed all of my friends' iPhones screens break into a million pieces, Apple. I immediately purchased an Otter Box to go with mine. Wish me luck!

2. .... And this one's a biggie...... I bought a plane ticket to Panama for April! YEAH, PANAMA THE COUNTRY. NOT THE CITY IN FLORIDA. A few months ago, my cousin Catherine mentioned to me that she was planning a trip to Panama during her April vacation from school (she is a high school Italian teacher), to which I promptly responded, "I am coming with you." And I meant it.

Besides Canada, I've never traveled to another country before, which is why it's such a huge deal to me. Traveling to exciting places has always seemed way out of my league... but it isn't, in reality. In reality, I have the means to do it and the time to take off from work... and those are two of the most important obstacles to clear if one wants to travel. And I do want to travel. Real bad.

So pats on the back for me. Here, here. Whoop, whoop. :)

And speaking of pats... DOSE PATRIOTS DOE! Big football game on Sunday - pretty much the highlight of my upcoming weekend so far.

What are you up to this weekend?
Any big trips planned for your 2015?
Whatcha rockin' on your nails?

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  1. SO MANY EXCITING THINGS YAYAYAYAYAYAY!! Now when we text I'll get the blue bubble!! YAY YAY YAY! And I must be a big dull dud because I'm seriously loving that mani.

  2. Eeeeee!! Panama!!! SO FUN! You're just the awesome-est.

    And we were each knocked down by the Nail Polish Gods this week, but I think yours still came out great! That blue is gorgeous and I'm obviously loving the silver sparkles. And welcome to the iPhone club!! My brother's found a place in Chinatown that will replace screens for $35, so it *is* possible to get around Apple because, yes, they have a tendency to shatter. Still, YAY for apps!!

  3. I actually think it's a really gorgeous mani! I love the colors and the combo!

    1. Thanks Toria, happy to hear that it's receiving appreciation from SOMEONE, haha!

    2. haha I think it's very gorgeous and elegant. Though I can see how after several attempts it may be hard to give it its full credit. haha


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