Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Heeeeeere: Forever21 in Vancouver!

"Forever21 is coming! Forever21 is coming!" - Paul Revere

Last month I mentioned that there was no Forever21 in Vancouver yet, but that there was one under construction to open downtown. I really thought it was going to be another 6 months till it opened, based on the looks of things at the time. In the meantime, I'd traveled 45 minutes southeast to Burnaby to get in a trip to me fav store.

Then a couple weeks ago while Dave and I were walking downtown, I spotted a girl across the street who was walking with a Forever21 bag in her hand. (In my partial defense, the bags are briiight yellow, so it wasn't that difficult for me to notice it.) I got pretty 'cited and took it as a good indication that Forevahhhh had opened its huge, shiny doors.

It was confirmed by Twitter when I saw this goodie:
.  note the retweet and the favorite  .



Soooo obviously I went there last weekend and the weekend before, and Dave made the mistake of tagging along solely for the 3+ miles of walking we'd be getting in by heading to Robson St. on foot. Robson is one of the best hustling/bustling/shoppy streets here, so the new Forevahhh is in a great spot at the corner of Robson and Burrard:

If you've never been to a Forever21 store... Well, first of all, shame on you and second of all, what gives you the right? Thirdly, girrrrrrrrl get yo'self to one STAT!

Actually, I take that back - these stores are not for everyone! They're typically HUGE. Like "give your boyfriend a heart attack" huge. They can range in size from "one ginormous room" to four full floors (I've been known to utter, "There's another floor??" inside of several different Forevers). No matter which sized store you find yourself in, there's also a solid chance that it'll look - at first glance - like every item of clothing that's ever belonged to any female that you've ever known has somehow ended up in this one store. There will be a LOT of clothing!! If you're as bored as I often am, this is no biggie.

In fact - SAWRY DAVE - I try to make a point to look at every single piece of clothing in these stores. Call it attention to detail or a penchant for being thorough. Or boredom. Or shopping addiction.

I "needed" some different types of plain white basic tops, due to a certain other new addiction to a Pinning website which was suspiciously easy to acquire in a very short amount of time (I hear that's how meth is, too). Way too many cute outfit ideas on Pinterest require you to have a plain white top - upon which you'll build a temple of fashion savvy and trend. By that I mean "add cool scarves" and "buy more purses". I think Pinterest and the fashion merchandising world are in complete cahoots, bee tee dubs. How much commission are they earning to create shopping addicts??

So I ended up buying two of the same basic white tshirt, plus a cozy plain white sweater. Watch out Pinterest... I'm, uh... coming for you?

And since one is hardly required to "stop" once they've found the items they're looking for in a store - especially a store with multiple floors and endless opportunities for finding ZEE PERFECT SHIRT/SCARF/JEANS/SWEATER - I shamelessly continued browsing the entire store, to David's complete delight.

Here's what else I ended up with:

.  to earring is human . 

.  big cozy pastel paisley scarf  . 

.  olive green top with cute pleating on the back  .
Forever21 is known for having cheap stuff - both in quality and cost. If you're not at all fancy, LIKE I AM NOT AT ALL FANCY, then that's totes cool with you. I've learned that I shouldn't put anything from Forevahhhh into the dryer, for example, because it'll probably shrink or come out misshapen. It's not a big deal for me to pull the Forevah items out of the washing machine and hang them up on a drying rack instead of sending them through the devil dryer.

The quality of things is actually improving, if you haven't been in awhile - go check it out. They have a lot of great purses and shoes - some better quality than others, but the fact that even some of them are what you could call "good quality" is a step up from where they used to be. Am I selling you on the store yet? ;)

Stay tuned for many more adventures in Forevahhhh because it's hard for me to go one month without buying several things from them.


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