Sunday, November 11, 2012

Three Workouts + A Sunny Walk With My New Camera

I did Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday workouts this past week. Maybe one of these weeks I'll splurge for that fourth gym visit. My last three workouts are outlined below... Scroll to the end of the workouts to see some beautiful pictures of Vancouver, taken yesterday with the *brand new* camera that Dave got me for my birthday!

30 mins elliptical
20 squats, 12.5 lbs each hand
40 weighted side bends, 12.5 lbs each hand
40 deadlifts, 12.5 lbs each hand
60 bridges
40 static lunges, 20 each leg
- 1:38 plank
- 30 cobras

6 mins elliptical
12 bent over row each arm, 12 lbs 
80 weighted v-sit twists, holding 15 lbs
12 tricep kickbacks each arm, 7.5 lbs
40 dynamic side planks, 20 each side
12 deltoid flys, 7.5 lbs each hand
12 overhead press, 12 lbs each hand
on exercise ball, 12 lbs each hand:
   - 12 chest press

21 mins elliptical
30 squats, 12.5 lbs each shoulder
40 weighted side bends, 15 lbs each hand
40 deadlifts, 15 lbs each hand
60 side lunges + plyometric push off, 30 each leg
60 bridges
- 1:00 plank
- 100 "swimmers"

Have you checked out any of the exercise demos that are linked in these workout blogs? I'm curious if they're of any use to anyone. I love watching fitness videos and exercise demonstrations online - I think it's a really smart alternative to hiring a personal trainer!

As I mentioned, David got me a new camera for my birthday last week. It's a Sony Cyber-Shot WX50. I'm not a camera wiz so I'll spare you all the technical specs that are listed for it (Google it if you're interested!), but I will say the following:
   - the clarity of the pictures is wonderful
   - the zoom is great
   - it takes clear pictures even when I'm moving (my old camera took blurry pictures if I tried walking/snapping at the same time)
   - it has a really nice "3-D sweep panorama" feature

I haven't really dived in yet and discovered all of the ins and outs of the camera, but I did take it out with me yesterday when we went for a long 7.3 mile walk around the city:

It was a beautiful day, as promised all week long by the weatherman - perfect for an overdue doozy of a walk. Enjoy these pictures of all the "along the way" sights on our walk:

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  1. happy birthday! we had a party for you, and ate cake and opened presents... oh wait that was for bobby.

    i seriously don't think i've ever been for a 7 mile walk of any kind, so... mad props just for that.

    love ya!