Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's My Birthday Bitchesssss

Today is a fine day of the year because it commemorates the day of my birth. Holla.

It's an especially fine November 8th this year - Vancouver got the memo and parted the clouds for me, letting tons of sunshine into the city today! Take that, rain. Since it's my birthday I decided to actually take a break from working this morning and go outside with my camera for a late morning walk.

First I walked up the hill to 4th Ave to Sophie's Cosmic Cafe and ordered a $13 breakfast sandwich (not joking), then I walked back down the hill to the beach, sat on one of the huge tree trunks and enjoyed my extremely expensive sandwich in the sunshine. Here are some pictures from my morning outing... Enjoy!

. this is where my sandwich used to be .


  1. No pics of the sambo!?!?!

  2. Those mountains are HUGE!! So pretty Bailey!

  3. wow, noted improvement of picture quality with your new camera! sweet. (not quite to say that these pictures are horrible, but the next set are so much clearer. yay sony)

  4. It's true Angie!! You can definitely tell the difference :) Love it!


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