Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Good Pair of Kicks

I've always been a "sneakers" kind of girl.  I love a good pair of kicks. When Miley sang, "Who's that chick that's rockin' kicks? She gotta be from outta town," I was all, "Yeah, totally!" While by no means a "sneakerhead," I know what I like when it comes to sneaks 'n kicks. Here are some of my old school favorites and some new kick picks that have caught my eye recently!

Sneakers, all white Nikes, Backboards, Cortez, Chuck Taylors, K-Swiss

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Nike Backboard II (#1) 
I've always loved the way these look on guys, but I also really want to own them myself. They're classic!

Converse All-Stars/Chuck Taylors (#s 2, 4, 6) 
Chucks are my homeboy. When it comes to Chucks, high-tops are my top choice. I like the black, brown and blue versions, especialllllllly when they're really nice and worn in and a bit faded. (See below for my "Design Your Own Chucks" creation!)

K-Swiss Classic Luxury (#3)
I just love the shape of these ones, plus the fact that you can get them in lots of different colors!

Nike Cortez (#s 5 and 8) 
This style of Nikes is seriously one of my all-time favorites. This is another style that I think looks really good on both men and women.

Adidas Shell Toes (#7)
I rocked the all-white shell toes back in college and I want another pair so badly. I can't find any of the all-whites in the stores right now, though I've been looking. Dave makes fun of me and tells me that it's because it's not the 90s anymore... But I think everyone is just so wrong on this. IF shell toes ever went "out" of style in the first place, they're definitely due for a comeback. Just don't say I didn't warn you or that you didn't hear it here first!

So like I mentioned, I was fiddling around with the "Design Your Own Chucks" feature on the Converse website. Using their little interactive tool, you can choose every detail of your chucks - starting with the base style, then selecting the color/print of everything from the sides to the seams to the laces to the soles. Every detail of the shoe is controlled/selected by you, and they cost $70 per pair. (This isn't sponsored, I just thought you might like to know!) Here's the peppermint and cream pair I designed:
Peppermint Chuck Taylors, Converse, Design Your Own Chucks

Peppermint and Cream, Chuck Taylors, Converse, Design Your Own Chucks

You like?! WELL I DO.

Do you like sneaks as much as I do, or are you totally a heels girl?

What's your favorite style/brand of sneaker?

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  1. I LOVE those mint-colored converse! I really want a pair of dark red high tops. :)


    Sorry to hear you got stuck on a bus in Seattle! That's no fun! :( I'm glad you made it safely home! If it makes you feel any better, I got stuck in a car in Seattle today because of the Seahawks parade traffic. It took me forever to get home! LOL.

    1. The more I look at them, the more I really really like the mint Chucks! Dark red high tops sound awesome... I just imagined the classic Reebok high-tops in dark red. I hope you got to enjoy some of the parade from your car? Haha!


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