Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pops of Green in Grey Vancouver

One of the things I love about the weather in the Pacific Northwest (which is how I continue to refer to Vancouver, even though technically I should be saying "Southwest" now that I'm a Canadian resident), is that the mix of rainy days and sunny days makes everything a gorgeous, healthy shade of green.

This past Sunday started out as a beautiful clear day with blue skies, so I thought it would be a perfect time to head out for a walk with my camera and try to snap some pictures around my Kitsilano neighborhood. It seemed like too long since I'd taken some good Vancouver photos, and I was excited to see what sorts of pretty things would catch my eye out in the sunlight. Unfortunately by the time I'd finished getting ready to go outside, it had turned rather overcast again. Womp womp. Not to be deterred, I still donned my jacket and hat, stuffed my camera into my pocket, and headed outside. Here are some of the random snapshots from my walk:

Monkey puzzle tree in Vancouver
.  the monkey puzzle tree  .

A fern growing in the nook of a mossy tree in Vancouver
.  fern growing in the nook of a mossy tree  .

Bright green moss in Vancouver
.  thick, bright moss growing on a tree  .

Tree covered in moss on one side
.  this tree was completely covered in moss on its north side... and devoid of any on its south side  .

A tree that's covered in moss on one side
.  half mossy  .

Moss covered curb
.  mossy curb and pavement, as seen from directly above  .

Rows of green plants in Vancouver
.  green lines  .

.  slightly different green lines  .
The grey skies were an omen, obviously. It started raining on me when I was still several blocks away from my house that afternoon. Not that I really minded -  I just tucked my camera away and scurried home. It's been raining off and on for over a week now, which is normal. We'd been spoiled by unseasonably sunny days for several weeks prior to this rainy stretch, so I can't really complain. After all, without all the rainy days, we wouldn't have all these pops of green all over the place!

I hope you are all having a great week. Has it been rainy or snowy wherever you are?


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  1. Okay, I'm coming to visit. Things are usually pretty green here, too--but I like your green better. What's that saying again? Grass is always greener...oh. Well either way. I need to get to canada sometime in my lifetime.

  2. I wondered why I loved gray and green together so much, now I know. They are perfect together in nature! Beautiful shots.

  3. Those are great photos! I love when green peeks out from the grey (or white), and I'm so happy Spring is started to pop up in the PNW/PSW. :)


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