Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Nails: Hearts & Dots!

I kind of freaked out this week when I realized we were into the first week of February and there weren't any Valentine's Day nails posted on my blog. WERE YOU FREAKING OUT, TOO? Oh, what's that? There are a million other nail polish blogs posting Valentine-themed nails all over the internet, and you're totally all set with all your V-Day nails this year and you don't even need my ideas at all?


Well, tough shit. I've got one for you anyway!

Valentine's Day Nails from aka Bailey

Valentine's Day Nails from aka Bailey, Red, black polka dots
I used Essie's A List (red), Sinful Colors' Snow Me White, and Revlon's Stiletto (black).

Heart and polka dots Valentine's Day nails

Heart and polka dots Valentine's Day nails
It's been quite awhile since the last time I did any hearts on my nails, so there were some serious practice rounds on paper before I even brought my dotting tool to my nail. And even with the practice rounds, I still ended up mucking it up and needing to wipe it off twice!

Heart and polka dots Valentine's Day nails, aka Bailey

I did several Valentine's nails last year, if you want to check out any of those:  
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Valentine's Day nails from aka Bailey

OH, by the way. Congratulations to Joey for winning my *first ever* giveaway! I'll be sending her a bottle of Revlon Orchid and a bottle of ORLY Preamp! HOOZAH FOR THAT!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Anything fun? I've got a fun brunch to go to tomorrow morning with a few other Vancouver bloggers. I love brunch and having blogging buddies, so it should be a great combo tomorrow!


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  1. LOVE this sweet friend! I usually steer clear of reds because I can't ever find the "right" red--but I love this one! I might have to hunt it down! You wiped the heart off? HOW DID YOU DO THAT!?!? If I mess up on nail art--I just give up because I'm not redoing the whole effing nail. AND YAY FOR WINNING! Squeeee :-D

  2. I love it! You make me want to pull out my nail dotter! :D

  3. I love the colors you used. Such perfect dots as usual! :)

  4. Super cute! I love the polka dots:)

  5. Aww, how sweet! I'm tempted to try something like this for when on Friday but I don't know if I ahve the talent!

    Corinne x

  6. Fun!! You've just inspired me to go have a "nail session" with my daughters!!
    Kellie @

  7. This is really fun for Valentine's day. I'm thinking of doing different shades of pink.

  8. Joey's on a Nail Polish Giveaway Winning Streak! GO JOEY!

    Love this chic Valentine's Day look! It's fun and clean and I love that you incorporated black because it's totally unexpected! WELL DONE. Hope you had an awesome brunch! :)

  9. Thanks for joining the Friday's Fab Favorites link up, I'm a co-host this week and I'm trying to read every post! How do you get the polka dots so perfect! I'm totally jealous - great job!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Tori! I happen to have written a whole blog about how I make my polka dots - feel free to check it out here: :)

  10. I am still obsessed with how perfect your polka dots are! haha! LOVE these nails.

  11. I love it! Your nails are too cute! Valentine's Day is definitely in the air ;)

    Lillies & Silk


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