Friday, August 22, 2014

This Is Not A Blog About Nail Polish

It's Friiiiiiday, and that means............... nails, usually. But not today - ohh no, nope, not today. MY BODY HAD OTHER PLANS FOR ME FOR THIS WEEK.

So when you move to a new home, what's the first thing you do? Unpack your shit? Hang up your clothes? Go explore your new neighborhood? Develop a cyst that rapidly becomes infected and leaves you unable to do anything except cry in pain for a few days?

If you picked that last one, you'd be on the same page as me and my body right now.

Yep, it's been a great week. As if being lonely wasn't enough, I've also been yelled at by my new neighbors, confronted with a new dresser that appears nearly impossible to put together, and spent an evening in the Urgent Care unit at a Medford hospital while a doctor tried to figure out if this *AWESOME BRAND NEW CYST* was infected or not. Spoiler alert: It was, but the doc didn't know it. So. I was sent home from the hospital on Tuesday night with a prescription for antibiotics that would prove useless as the pain became worse and worse over the ensuing 24 hours. Oh, did I mention I don't have any health insurance right now because I am between my Canadian insurance and my company's insurance? Because that's true.

On Wednesday night when the pain was becoming unbearable, my mom and I decided together that I ought to go back to Pittsfield to have the issue treated by a doctor at the hospital that my mother works at. So on Thursday morning, my dad was once again on the other side of Massachusetts, picking me up from the apartment I'd only been at for 3.5 days, and bringing me back to Pittsfield for a bit of an emergency procedure. Don't worry, I will spare you all the (very gory) details.

I'm doing fine now, thanks. A million times better than I was at this time yesterday, that's fo' damn sho'. Just... what the eff, you know? Did this really have to happen the week I moved in? Did it really have to happen in the tiny window of time that I'm uninsured? CAN I LIVE?

Anyway, I'm relaxing/recuperating at my parents' house for the weekend. It's remarkably nice to have the option to do this again - it's been years since I've been able to feel like my family is just a drive away. Makes me feel a little more... safe, I guess.

I do have lots of pictures of some recent things that I've been wanting to share on my blog, but life just keeps getting in the way, and now my camera/camera cord are back in Medford. Stick with me guys, I promise things will return to some version of normal sometime soon. I hope.

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  1. ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!?!?! What gives, universe! LEAVE SWEET BAILEY ALONE!!!!! Oh girl, sending you so much love. I'm so glad you're around your family but seriously? SERIOUSLY!? Ugh.

  2. I'm so, so glad your parents are close enough to help out in that kind of disaster. Also, screw the grumpy neighbors if they can't take the friggin' stairs, or cut you slack for not knowing about a rule. They're that miserable? They can just stew in it. You don't need that kind of drama.
    But you do need healing things!
    And I'm glad the new roomie is working out well, and that is the end of the ER trips for at least another 12 months, okay?

  3. Come back to Canada!! We'll take good care of you! :D

  4. Oh no!!!!!
    I am so sorry!!!
    Please take care of yourself!


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