Friday, August 1, 2014

Rose Gold Glitter Nails

Sooo it was about 6pm last night when I realized that I hadn't yet written a nail polish post for this week! WHAT. Apparently my brain has been elsewhere this week. So these nails were sort of thrown together last minute. Hope you don't think they suck!

I used two new-to-me polishes from Maybelline's Color Show line - a neutral called Neutral Statement and a glittery rose gold called Gilded Rose.

Maybelline Gilded Rose nail polish

This was one coat of Neutral Statement on each nail, topped with 3 coats of Gilded Rose.

Neutral Statement is a super milky nude with the most subtle of iridescent shimmers to it. Its formula is a bit wet, #IFYEWASKME. I probably should have used two coats of it for more opacity.

Gilded Rose from Maybelline Color Show nail polish

Gilded Rose is a crazy polish to describe. Allow me to attempt:

This glitter polish has a nearly-clear-but-slightly-rosy base, with (from what I can discern) four different types of glitter inside it:  1) ultra microscopic purple glitter, 2) ever-so-slightly larger gold holographic glitter, 3) small rose gold/copper round glitter, and 4) larger rose gold hex glitter. All together, the effect is... pretty good. And shiny.

Rose gold sparkly nail polish from Maybelline

While Gilded Rose, too, was a bit wet, it actually had better coverage than I expected it to. Each brush stroke seemed to deliver a nice mix of all the different types of glitter.

Glittery nail polish, Gilded Rose from Maybelline

Does anyone else own any of these Color Show polishes? I'd be curious to hear which ones you guys have tried and how you liked them! Perhaps you recall that I showed off another polish from this line last week (Clearly Spotted).

Dave and I might go paddleboarding again this afternoon, if the water is calm enough. I'm hoping to be way better at it my second time around, but I probably shouldn't speak too soon. Tomorrow night is the third and final night of Vancouver's Celebration of Light fireworks competition, so that should be awesome. I've been loving watching these displays. The second night was this past Wednesday, with Team France putting in a pretty good show. Not as good as Team USA from last weekend, but I might be biased ;)  You can actually check out the Team USA display in this YouTube video (all 25 awesome minutes of it), if you're interested. You can watch Team France's display here, too.

What are you rocking on your nails today?
Any outdoor aquatic activities in your near future?

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  1. This glitter is so pretty! I haven't tried the color show polishes (I don't think....?) The bottle turns me off for some reason. I guess packaging really has more effect on me than I would have thought! I love the simplicity of this! It'd be gorgeous for a date night out!

  2. I LOVE your nails. Such a pretty color and I love the sparkle! Happy Friday!

  3. This is too pretty!!I don't have any Color Show polishes, but the one is awesome! I especially love the sheer amount of glitter they managed to pack in there! And the shine in non-direct light is beautiful. Happy Paddleboarding! :)


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