Friday, August 29, 2014

Life this Week: Unpacking, Friendshipping, Building, Nail Painting

I'm finally starting to feel a litttttle bit more settled into my new home this week, thank GAWD. After what seemed like a string of bad luck, the clouds are parting a little and there hasn't been a terrible event in at least a few days. Phew.

So far one of the best things about being back in the Boston area is being able to hang out with friends. It's so nice to be able to see people casually again on a weekday evening without me needing to hurriedly squeeze in a visit before leaving town again. Although, I have to say, it's not that cool that public transportation makes a 3-mile trip take no less than 1 hour to complete. (Boston transit... you and I are gonna have to work this thing out.)

On Tuesday night I ventured from Medford to Cambridge to spend some QT with my little angel-faced doll of a friend Kara. (She has been a rock star in helping me feel more at home.) We watched a ton of the trashy E! television shows that have been missing from my life for way too long, as well as the wonderfully retro movie Now & Then (all while eating a chicken quesadilla that Kara made for me herself, #nom). The viewing of the latter was mostly because we couldn't find Aladdin available On Demand or Netflix. Next time.

Earlier this week I also got a gym membership at a Gold's Gym that's within walking distance of my home. If I know me - which I do - a gym within walking distance is my best bet for frequent workouts. And here's a funny thing that happened during that sign-up process:

So. That has spawned some discussion on my Facebook page haha. The people of Pittsfield clearly don't agree with the trainer's opinion of our dental reputation.

In other news, I keep realizing as I'm preparing food that I don't have the necessary kitchen utensils to complete my meal, and neither does my roommate. This has caused a bit of frustration and has spawned a running list of several basic things that my apartment still needs. Spatulas, can openers and pasta strainers - I'm lewkin' at yew guys.

Meanwhile, as seen on Instagram, I finally finished putting together one of the two dressers I ordered from Target for my new apartment. There has never been a more involved building process for such a cheap-ish piece of furniture. Literally took me 5 sessions spread out across as many days to complete, but once it was finished I was finally able to start putting away some of the clothes that have been COVERING every corner of my bedroom since August 17th.

White 3-drawer dresser with silver handle hardware

The white rug of my bedroom is becoming more and more visible by the day. Which reminds me, I need to buy some Resolve... because there is NO way that I'll be able to avoid getting that damn thing dirty. #ImClumsy #SpillsFindMe

As mentioned here yesterday, my friends Abby and Geoff are gettin' hitched this weekend, and YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Party time, excellent, wheee-oooo, wheeee-oooo, wheeee-ooo!! #FriendshipFest2k14. There are friends coming from near and far to celebrate the momentous occasion. Geobby (obviously their celeb couple name) have been dating since they were BABIES practically, and the rest of us have been -UM- waiting for this day for a long damn time. That's one of the reasons I feel SO SPESH for being able to be a part of their wedding as a bridesmaid.

Annnd speaking of that, here is the nail look that I'll probably be sporting on Sunday for the wedding, using Jade Jump by Sally Hanson Insta-Dri and Dreamer by Revlon:

Jade Jump, jade and blue pastel nail polish

Dreamer by Revlon and Jade Jump by Sally Hansen, blue and mint pastel nail polishes

Since they're both pastels, you know that their first coats looked like a hot mess: 

Blue and mint pastel nail polishes
But they mostly evened out after the second coat. The blue nails are still a tiny bit patchy now that I'm looking at these photos, so I'll make sure to add a thin third coat when I recreate this on Sunday.

Dreamer by Revlon and Jade Jump by Sally Hansen, nail polish

On a related note, there was a recent important lesson learned in how not to move a box full of nail polish bottles across the country:

Oops! Broken nail polish bottle

Nail polish bottle broken in the box

Miraculously, it was only one single bottle of polish that broke inside of this box - but it covered dozens of other bottles in polish! The bottle that broke (the remnants of which is pictured below completely stuck to that other bottle of Insta-Dri) was actually one of the oldest (if not the oldest) nail polishes I owned. It was a Bath & Body Works purchase from middle school or high school - a pea-soup color that I probably haven't used in the last decade. 

Broken polish bottle
Next time I will use a hell of a lot more (read: any) bubble wrap in my packing of those little guys. I still can't believe my luck that only one bottle broke out of my entire 100+ bottle collection. Disaster avoided, somehow. I'll circle back to the first paragraph of this blog and just say it again: "PHEW."

...And I'll end this blog now before my luck runs out ;) Have a great weekend!

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  1. Told every pit has a crest: the luck of that one bottle being the ONLY bottle that broke? MIRACLE!! I'm so glad you've been taken in by some of your great friends and that you are feeling a little more settled. I'm so happy to "hear" happy Bailey in this post! I hope you have an AH-MAZ-ING freaking time at this wedding girlfriend!!!!

  2. NAIL POLISH CRISIS AVOIDED (mostly). I can't believe only the one bottle broke! *wipes brow*

    So happy that you're settling in! Visiting with pals is the best, as are epic awesomely fun wedding weekends. Have the best time ever!

    Oh, haha! I almost forgot to mention your mani! HAHAH! I'm literally laughing at myself right now. Anyway, I love them. Shocker, I know. They're super fun for a wedding, too! And soft, being pastels, which is also good for a wedding. Way to nail it! ;)

    1. Bailey clearly did not consult Jennie on "how to move with nail polish". If I recall correctly - and I might be 100% incorrect here bc I couldn't locate proof - Jennie individually wrapped all bottles? ;)))

  3. It's so great that you're settled! I know that's so much stress, and it's nice seeing the end of the tunnel :)
    I need to do a mani-pedi this weekend!

  4. It's like one tiny sacrifice to the nail polish gods. Well done!
    I love those Springy happy nails! I'm guessing their colors are green and blue? Those were my brother and sis-in-law's, too! Have a spectacular time!

  5. I lived in the Boston area (Waltham/Wellesley/Newton) for about 10 years but moved away in 1998, still have friends in the area! I hope you enjoy your new place and love the nail color combo!

    1. Well thank you very much! It's good/a little strange to be back in this part of the world :)

  6. Nice blog!!!! Great post. Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and bloglovin!

  7. I love those colors! They look really pretty on you!!!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! For stripes and chevrons, I bought nail vinyls from a gal I found on Instagram!! So easy to use! Just peel, place it on your nails, paint, and then take them off immediately. Super easy!!!


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