Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Citizen Cope Acoustic Performance

Last week the Wilbur Theater sent out a newsletter with a list of upcoming acts, and I was psyched to notice that Citizen Cope was on the list for a March 31st show.  I'd never seen him perform before, but am a big fan of The Clarence Greenwood Recordings album, so I bought a ticket pretty quickly and marked my calendar.

If you're not familiar with his music, Citizen Cope is a mumbling, bluesy/soul/folk/rock/sometimes-hip-hoppy singer/songwriter with a man-bun and pretty blue eyes. His sound is terribly hard to define, so you might as well just listen to it for yourself and decide if you like it or not.

None of my friends ended up tagging along, but that didn't end up being a big deal. Going to shows alone CAN be done, people. Do it. My seat was in the same part of the theater as when we saw Lauryn Hill a couple weeks ago, but a handful of rows closer to the stage. I arrived and sat down with just about 5 minutes to spare before he came onstage at 8:30.  

Citizen Cope performing at Wilbur Theater in Boston, March 31, 2015
.  his outfit can get it  .

He played two 45-minute, stripped down, acoustic sets to a very supportive crowd (there was much hooting, hollering, and song-name-calling-out). He soaked it all in incredibly graciously and seemed humbled by the love he was being shown. Also, as indicated by the caption on the above photo, I liked his look. A casual button down, loose olive green pants, beat-up black boots, and a man-pony. Clarence, let's hang out and be super chill together.

My personal favorites from the night were Sideways (I am a sucker for that song) and Pablo Picaso. There are short video snippets of each on my IG page, here and here. WATCH'EM.

Anyone else a fan of Citizen Cope?
What's your favorite song by him?
Who else has some live music lined up in their near future?? Tell me about it!



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