Friday, April 10, 2015

Remembering Lilacs, Playing with Purples, Game of Thrones, and More!

I'm not an enormous fan of the color purple. Well, I mean, the book was fantastic, but the color itself never seems to be one of my go-to's. Something about springtime, however, makes me rethink all of that.

Different purples hues of nail polish, silver glitter accent nail

In the springtime, purple makes me recall the beautiful lilac bush that stood in the front yard of my grandparents' house for most of my life - and how you couldn't walk near it in the spring without your nostrils being completely filled with the fragrance of the blossoms. To this day, I have a special place in my heart for lilacs because of the childhood memories they evoke.

So when I spotted some lilacs over the Easter weekend, I knew I wanted to run with that theme and do a purple mani this week with lots of different purple hues - starting with Lacy Lilac by Sally Hansen as the lightest hue.

Multi colored purple nails with a silver glitter accent

Using 2 coats of each, I applied:  Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac (pinky), Revlon Diamond Texture (ring), Love & Beauty Orchid (middle),  Sally Hansen Royal Romance (pointer) , Sinful Colors Amethyst (thumb).

Purple nail polishes, orchid, amethyst, lacy lilac, royal

The result might have had a more prominent gradient effect had I not thrown in a random silver accent nail, but these are the lessons we learn in retrospect, hm? We'll be alright.

Purple nail polishes with a silver glitter accent nail

Elsewhere in my life, I've been doing some very serious binge-watching of Game of Thrones. And by "very serious," I mean that I started watching Season 1 in mid-February, watched about one episode a night of all four available seasons, then immediately went back and started watching the show again from Season 1, often watching more than one episode a night - until just completing Season 4 for the second time last night. 

So. I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. Season 5 premieres on Sunday night, so you know you can catch me up in front of someone's TV like:

This week, I've been waiting out a very-rare-for-me cold, featuring your boys Sneeze, Mucus and Cough. It's kept me from going to the gym, since I know how much of a disgusting trap it can feel like when you're working out while someone near you is wet-coughing. (Fecking gross, guys. Keep your ass home with all of that.) Aside from not being able to workout, the cold isn't actually bothering me too terribly much, if I'm being honest. I've been drinking a ton of lemon honey tea and wearing lots of cozy sweatshirts, which has been just lovely. Plus all of the coughing I'm doing is probably doubling as a marathon core workout.

Tonight I'm meeting up with my cousin Catherine to eat pizza while we plan out our upcoming trip to Panama. I cannot cannot cannottttttttt believe it, but we are leaving NEXT Saturday. I have so many feels about it all. I'm super nervous, because I've never been to a place so different from the US. (The only other country I've ever been to is Canada.) But on the other hand... I'm super excited because I've never been to a place so different from the US! It will be an adventure no matter what - and that's something we can all use in our lives.With any luck, it will also be a warm, sunny adventure wherein I also acquire some tasteful, but not painful, color on my fair skin. SPF 40? SPF 30? I DUNNO, IVE NEVER BEEN SO CLOSE TO THE EQUATOR BEFORE! HALP.

Have any awesome Central America travel tips to share?
Who else is a Game of Thrones fan? Who's your favorite character?
Whatcha rockin' on dose nails doe?


  1. Eeeeee!! PANAMA!! You're going to have the best time ever! Plus, you'll be warm!! I hope that your cold's long gone by the time you leave. Stupid germs. They really are the worst.

    But you know what's the opposite of the worst? Your nails! I LOVE the colours you chose. And I fully support adding a sparkle finger. Obviously. Haha!

    I've never watched GOT, but I can appreciate how much people love it. I turn into your Spongebob gif whenever Elementary is on. Oh how I love that show. :)

  2. So gorg!!!!!
    And I am SOOOOO JEALOUS that you're going to Panama!!!!!!

    1. Ahhh I still feel like I'm in shock about the fact that I'm going! It won't be real till I get there.

  3. SPF as high as you can manage, in my experience as a fair-skinned person near the Equator!!! Ouch!

    1. GREAT advice - I literally just bought SPF 70 haha. Thank you!!

  4. Love those nails! Mine are all chipped and broken from lots of hand-washing (damn those lab classes) so I haven't painted mine in months. T__T

    Game of Thrones - YES!!! I skipped some episodes because I couldn't bear to watch some of my favorite characters get killed off but for the most part, love it! Can't wait to catch up with S5. Favorites have to be Jamie, Arya and Tyrion. Who are your favorite characters (because you can't just pick one)?

    And yes to the grossness and unhygienic-ness of wet-coughing at the gym. I hate it even at school..

    Super excited to hear about your adventures in Panama!! I've seen pics of friends in Panama - beautiful! HAVE LOTS OF FUN and take care!!!!!! I can't say what spf would be best but just remember to reapply every 2/3 hours and hopefully you'll be fine.

    1. ^^ Hey look, I found your comment! Blogger had accidentally flagged it as a spam comment! I unflagged it :)

  5. :( my comment disappeared... and after i typed 4 paragraphs too.

    but to recap what i meant to say: love the nail colors, yes to GOT, favorite characters: Jamie, Arya and Tyrion, excited about your upcoming vacation, and remember to reapply sunblock every few hours as you'll be fine! :D

    1. Hey girl! I have no idea why your comment disappeared, but don't worry - I received it in an email when you first posted it, and can read/respond to the entire thing! My favorite character is Arya, but ALLLLL of the characters are so well-written! Panama is getting so close now - I'm still in a bit of disbelief about it! I'll take as many pics as I can :)

  6. I feel exactly the same way about lilacs. They take me right back to my childhood! I have a small bush, but nothing like the ones my grandparents had when I was little. I love when they bloom! This is a beautiful mani! I love the pink that has a gold shift. So pretty!

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