Friday, April 3, 2015

Easy Aqua Spots Dotticure

God knows how my mind travels to the places that it does, but after typing the title of this blog post, my brain jumped to the Snorks.

... so that's just a small glimpse into the random-childhood-pop-culture-references-attuned mass that is my brain. I hope that was exciting for you. Moving on!

My nails today were inspired by an Instagrammer who I just started following yesterday - Cute.Passion. The dotted nails she did here made me want to do something similar in my own color scheme. HENCE, DEEZ:

Aqua easy dotticure, nails, nail polish
The light blue is Dreamer by Revlon, and the turquoise is Bailamos by Orly. I used two coats of each, and added the dual-sized dots using my double-ended dotting tool.

Bailamos by Orly and Dreamer by Revlon, polka dotted nails

Turquoise nails with light blue accent nails, easy dots
Last night I went to my first real yoga class! The only other time I've taken a yoga class was about 5 years ago when I lived on Cape Cod, but it was a "restore & renew" yoga class that focused primarily on breathing and stretching. I didn't even break a sweat, which is why I don't really consider it as a having been a true "first yoga class" experience.

Turquoise nails with light blue accent nails, turquoise dots on the accent nails
The class I went to last night was a special Vinyasa Yoga class being held at the House of Blues in Boston, and it was the kind of physical yoga that I'd really been interested in trying. I had no idea what I was doing, but luckily you can kind of pick up the moves just by watching everyone else. My friend Kara came too, and we both really enjoyed it. There were about 15-20 people in the dimly-lit room, and the teacher was awesome. That kind of yoga could really be right up my alley!

Turquoise nails with light blue accent nails, turquoise dots on blue nails
At some point this weekend I'm going to drive west to Pittsfield to visit with my family for the Easter holiday. We're not religious, but if I can catch my niece and nephew participating in some sort of an Easter egg hunt, then my mission will be complete. Experiences like that are things that I've been missing, having been living away and out of the state for the last several years.

Are you doing anything with your family for Easter or Passover this weekend?
Anyone else trying out yoga for the first time?
What are yooooou rockin' on your nailseses?!

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  1. Bailey I love thos colors! And one can never go wrong with polka dots :D

  2. Awesome colours, here! Love the dots, too. Happy to hear that your yoga went well! And that you'll (hopefully) get to see your niece and nephew hunt for eggs. I love watching kids go all crazy. We're heading up for a fam-jam supper, this weekend, where I plan on eating all the things my momma makes. Because that's what holidays are for, right? ;) Happy Easter! :D

  3. I love yoga! I'm trying a new Pilates DVD at the moment, which has me rather sore, in a good way.

    I shall try this manicure, as it's striking yet within my skill level :-)

    1. This class really made me want to do yoga more often! I've still never tried Pilates before - that will be next on the list ;)

  4. i always like your manicures b/c they're simple but also really cute.

  5. OK, I have no idea why I don't own a dotting tool. This is lovely!

    1. A dotting tool is one of the best nail tools to have, and you can find them for around $5 or less!

  6. Gorgeous colors! Love this manicure!

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