Friday, October 11, 2013

Candy Corn Nails!

Ah, candy corns. Tiny little tri-colored pyramids of waxy sugar. You're alright with me. Time to put you on my nails!

This is a really easy Halloween-inspired nail look, and all you need are a few polishes and an inexpensive makeup sponge.

Candy Corn Nails, Halloween Nails
You can see on the card below that I was doing some swatches to choose a color, because I had a couple different oranges and a couple of different yellows that I was trying to decide between. I ended up using Fuzzy Navel by Ruby Kisses, Lightening by Sally Hanson Insta-Dri, and Snow Me White by Sinful Colors.

White, Orange and Yellow Nail Polishes, Sinful Colors, Ruby Kisses, Sally Hansen

First I painted all of my nails one thick coat of Snow Me White and let it dry. Then I took my makeup sponge and applied my yellow, orange, and white polishes to the sponge in stripes, as you see above. While the polish is still wet on the sponge, line it up against your nail and in a rocking motion roll the colors over your nail. It might be tricky to get the lines straight, but just keep working at it. 
Candy Corn Nails, Makeup Sponge
Candy Corn Nails

Try not to dab too much, as you would if you trying to do an ombre effect. You don't really want these colors to blend together much.
Candy Corn Nails, Halloween

Candy Corn Nails, Halloween Manicure, Nail Art
And look - I was even able to re-use the same sponge I used to do my purple ombre nails from back in May! #WasteNot.

Makeup Sponge for Nail Art
What do you have on your nails today? Anything Halloween-inspired?

P.S. My Revlon 3D Nail Appliques post is featured today over on Coffee Beans & Bobby Pins!

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  1. omg bailey - these are too cute...and made me hungry! haha! I love them!

  2. How creative! You'll love the giveaway I'm doing on my blog for Halloween Nails.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Kimberlee! Seemed like one of the easier options for Halloween nails ;)

  4. Cute nails for Halloween!

  5. SO CUTE ! I love them. I did these twice - first time was a flop, the second time was slightly better but I am in love with how perfect yours are!! Teach me your trick to getting straight lines. Mine are always wonky. ~_~

    1. I feel like mine came out with pretty wonky lines too! They were much wonkier before I went over them again with a second coat and tried to straighten them out a bit. I was really surprised at how tricky it was to get them straight - it was a challenge I wasn't expecting to run into!

  6. these are cute! what a good idea!

    xoxo from nyc & please check out my diamond​ ​giveaway!​ - ​

  7. Eeeee! These are totally ADORABLE! Love! They're nice and Halloween-y without being super obvious. Awesome!

  8. This is adorable!
    Found your blog through Jayne, yay fellow vancouverite! Followed :)

  9. I love your nails! They're adorable. I'll definitely be trying it soon.


  10. I never would have thought to use a make up sponge. They look great. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. I try to use as many different inanimate objects as possible when doing my nails. Next I will attempt to use a shoe as a stamp. (Kidding) (Or am I?)

  11. Bailey, what a great idea!! Love the tutorial too!

  12. Ooo, I did a candy corn look last year as well! This year, I might be doing something a little more spooky... maybe...

  13. That is just plain awesome!! Love how it looks :)


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