Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Fall To-Do List

I've seen a few bloggers writing up "Fall to-do lists" for themselves and it seemed like a fun way to set some goals for this season. We could all use some practice in setting goals and achieving them, right? Well I sure do anyway. I'm generally wretched at it.

Here's what I'm hoping to get done before winter hits:

Attend a Halloween party:  I missed out on Halloween fun BIG TIME last year. I can't let that happen again.

Buy The Nightmare Before Christmas:  Each year I'm increasingly agitated by the disappearing movie rental stores because I now have nowhere to go to rent this movie. No more Blockbusters or Hollywood Videos, and Redbox doesn't have seasonal classics like this one. Time for me to take matters into my own hands and buy the damn thing!

Paint some pumpkins: The market next to my house started selling small pumpkins a couple weeks ago, and I've got a real hankering to buy a bunch of them and paint them white, silver, pewter - WHATEVER. Painting polka dots doesn't have to just be relegated to my nails, right?

Fall things, pumpkins at the market

Autumn pumpkins, orange

Buy new boots:  Guys... I cannnnnot find the right pair of rain- AND fashion-friendly boots. I have Sorels, and they're fabulous in the rain... unless I'm trying to look cute. Not only are the Sorels kind of butch-looking, but on top of that I can't wear skinny jeans with them because I can't tuck my jeans into them. But those tall knee-high and riding-style boots that everyone else wears are just not my style, so I have no desire to buy those.  WHAT IS A GIRL TO DO?? I need some boots that are sensible for rain and capable of having a pair of jeans tucked into them OR layered over them... and with just a touch of swag. Is that so much to ask?

Go through my closet and do a purge: I need to figure out what I haven't worn in the last year or so and pull out/donate the surplus. It's also not a bad time to try on all of my jeans (I seem to have a ton of them) and get serious about which ones I love and which ones I've become too old to wear. (Can you tell I'm turning 29 in a month? #LateTwentiesCrisis.)

Find a place to take a hayride OR pick apples:  Little bit of a back story... When I was in elementary school, my older sister Mallory and I used to have joint birthday parties because our birthdays are only about 3 weeks apart. We had an annual birthday party tradition of enlisting the help of an old man down the street from us who gave hayrides on the back of his big flatbed truck. All of our friends would meet at his house, we'd all pile onto the back of his hay-covered truck, and he'd drive us about a mile away to the Pittsfield State Forest. There, we'd get off the truck, have a party for a couple of hours (cake, presents, running amok, etc.), then pile back onto the truck and hayride it back to his house for all our friends to be picked up again. These annual hayrides are some of my absolute favorite memories from childhood, and probably a big reason as to why I'm almost 29 years old and still obsessed with hayrides. So, that said... I need to find a place to partake in that kind of thing around here! Apple picking is also acceptable, as long as cider donuts are also involved.

So those are some of the things I hope to be able to get done this fall - nothing earth-shatteringly important... except for that Nightmare Before Christmas situation. That one is life or death.

Do you have any to-do's this season? Have I inspired you to form some? DO ALL THE FALL THINGS!

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  1. I love your list and pretty much want to do everything on it as well... especially paint pumpkins!


    Take your time with the blog stuff. I'll always be here, so there's no rush. Can't wait to hear about your ideas! :)

    1. Thanks so much, I appreciate it - can't wait to collab again :)

  2. Sounds like a whole list of fun, fun, fun.
    Any idea what you'll be dressed up as for Halloween? :D
    I have never watched Nightmare before Christmas. Let us (who have yet to watch it) know if it's any good.
    Um, that hayride birthday thing sounds AMAZING. Must have been so much fun. I hope you find something equally awesome to do for your birthday.

    1. For the first time in a long time, I don't really have any costume ideas! I usually end up making my own so we'll see what I pull out of my butt this year ;)

      The Nightmare Before Christmas is an awesome movie!! It's a brilliant mash-up of Halloween movie and Christmas movie. You've got to find someone to borrow it from!

  3. I want to paint pumpkins bad too!! So many cute ideas out there for painting them and carving them leads to dead gross pumpkins within days it seems like.. Oh and I want to find a place to pick apples too!! My Hubby has never seen Nightmare before Christmas. He's crazy, right?! I keep forgetting to watch it with him every year. I'm pretty sure my parents have it....
    As for cute rain boots maybe try Le Bunny Bleu? or I got some cute ones from Modcloth!

  4. I haven't tried them myself but Hunter boots seem to be what all the bloggers I follow wear in the rain. I think you can go to a pumpkin patch out in Chilliwack.

    1. My boyfriend keeps telling me to get some Hunters - I'm not sold on them yet. Perhaps not quite enough swag for me ;) Thanks for the tip about Chilliwack!!

  5. great list bailey!
    we have to watch nighmare before christmas at my house- a must! sounds like your childhood birthdays were so fun-what great memories. im new to you from the "tell us tuesday" link up and newly following. come by and see me, i won't have many rainboot suggestions for you but we will have a great time :)

  6. I need to paint a pumpkin this year too!


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