Monday, October 21, 2013

I Keep Winning Stuff! Celebrity Pink Jeans, Movie Tickets, Disney

Ok guys - there's something in the water. I swear that I went 27 years without ever winning anything, ever. Contests that I "couldn't possibly" lose, raffles, lottery tickets... you name it, I've been busy not winning at it for 99% of my life.

Then, sometime around the holiday season in 2011, I randomly decided to enter a raffle as I was entering a Wal-Mart, where there was a table set up by a few high school girls who were raising money for their cross-country skiing team. Considering it more of a donation than a chance to win something, I bought two raffle tickets from the girls - and then completely forgot about it. A couple of weeks later I received a phone call out of the blue, letting me know I'd won! Whaaaat?!?! It wasn't even the prize that was the most exciting part - although the woven basket containing gourmet nuts, chocolates, and an amazingly soft fleece blanket was quite lovely. The best part about it was finally feeling the excitement and the "Me???" feeling that accompanied being the lucky one chosen as the winner of something.

Since then, there was another sizable lull in my winning of things, but I'd been instilled with a little bit more hope about the prospect of it happening again in the future. Bitten by the "I could actually win" bug, if you will.

Then at my friend Jenna's early August wedding, I caught the bouquet. It practically came soaring right at me! Hoozah!! #AnotherWin.

Here's where the real winning spree starts:

Just a few weeks later, after entering a giveaway on a blog that I (again) completely forgot about afterwards, I was contacted via email by Jessica and told that I'd won some Celebrity Pink Jeans. Jeans!!!! I love jeans! And the best part is that I thought the prize was one pair of jeans, but apparently it was three pairs! The "extra" two pairs seriously made my day! I won these on August 26th and received them on October 7th:

Celebrity Pink Jeans, blue jeans with rips, black skinny jeans, skinny jeans, orange skinny jeans

Celebrity Pink Jeans, blue jeans with rips, black skinny jeans, skinny jeans, orange skinny jeans

Here I am rocking the blue pair:

Black jacket, black purse, Celebrity Pink Jeans, ripped skinny jeans, black booties

Next on September 29, I was alerted by Nina (from the blog Nina on the Moon) that through a giveaway on her blog I'd won two tickets to an advanced screening of the new Romeo and Juliet movie! Whaaat! So the next day, I bribed David with theater chocolates and got him to join me for a date at the ScotiaBank Theater in Vancouver for a night of modern day Shakespeare. Thanks Nina!

Romeo & Juliet 2013, advanced screening ticket

The day after Nina alerted me to my winning her movie tickets, what the heck do you know it - I got another email from another blogger telling me I'd won another giveaway!! YOU KIDDIN ME?! AM I GETTING "WIN" PUNK'D?

This time it was the diamond edition of Disney's The Little Mermaid from Sabrina over at the blog The Eclectic Grab Bag. Now, if you know me then you know I'm obsessed with Disney movies (the older ones - new ones do nothing for me). It was already on my radar that The Little Mermaid was the movie that Disney was releasing from their elusive "vault" this year. Suddenly being handed this gem on a silver diamond platter nearly made me pee my pants. Thanks for making me nearly pee my pants, Sabz!
Diamond edition, The Little Mermaid, Disney, DVD, Blu Ray, 2013
.  wouldn't you think my DVD collection's complete?  .
So I don't know why Lady Luck is suddenly on my side, that feisty little sass-pot. But I now know this with certainty:  If winning random stuff online is wrong, I don't wanna be right. Now excuse me while I go sing "Part of Your World" in the shower for the next month.

Have you won anything cool in a blog giveaway? Brag to me about it below!!

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  1. I love this. Winning is SO fun! I had a period of time a few years ago where I kept winning random things (jeans, watches, tickets, etc.) and all of my coworkers made fun of me. They told me to save my luck for contests I really wanted to win, not just every contest I saw. Ha. Sadly, my luck has run out but I still keep my fingers crossed that my winning streak will return someday. Hopefully it's a day I buy a lottery ticket ;)

  2. You're a stunna in those jeaaannns and peep toes! And, deserve all these gimmes you're getting. Lady Luck, you smartie pants.

    1. <3! Those peeps toes made me want to cut a chick by the end of the night ;) #BLISTAHS.

  3. I totally understand you! Although I haven't come to that part when I start winning something! :)


    1. Brigita I hope your big W comes very soon - and when it does, it's going to be a game-changer for you! ;)

  4. Gotta love a winning streak! New follower from The Collective :)

  5. Can you send me some of that juju? I wanna win some Disneyland tickets!!

  6. I have honestly never won anything in a blog giveaway! Well done to you for winning so many. How exciting. X Jane

  7. Holy MOLYPANTS! You're all kitted out! THREE pairs of jeans?!? It's freaking amazing!! And I too am an older Disney fan! Just Dance 2014 has "Prince Ali" from Aladdin and I've danced to it, like, five times already. Haha! Also, I'd like to note that now I'm singing "flippin' your fins, you don't get too far..." in my head. ;)

    I just won a giveaway, too! I RARELY win things, and this one is the best ever! A kate spade 2014 planner, an Essie polish (after school boy blazer), and a BaubleBar rhinestoned necklace! It all arrived today and I'm presently wearing the necklace with my pjs because that's just how I do. Haha!

  8. Are you a winner or are you a winner?! Congratulations!!
    I myself haven't actually won anything. Hmm, maybe I should start entering more giveaways haha!
    Also I think you look fabulous in the outfit shot. Those booties are gorgeous!


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