Friday, October 18, 2013

Witch-Inspired Halloween Nails

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Goodness this week flew by! I can't believe it's Friday already, but I'm so excited for the weekend. Tonight I'm going to dinner in Vancouver with a handful of fabulous ladies that I met at the #blogvancity event last month. I'm really looking forward to dressing up a bit and heading out for a girls' night!

Today I have some more Halloween-ish nails for you. These colors remind me of a witch's outfit - black and purple with a few pops of gold and green.

Halloween nails, purple, black, gold flakes, glitter

A few weeks ago I picked up this really cool nail polish from Forever21's Love & Beauty line - it's a clear base jam-packed with tonnnnns of gold and green foil flakes inside. The flakes actually remind me of the gold flakes that are found in bottles of Goldschläger, #AMIRIGHT? The polish seemed like something that would work well for both holiday nails and Halloween nails, so I scooped it up to add it to my collecksh. (That's short for collection. Sound it out.)

Gold and green flake nail polish, Love & Beauty, Forever21

After first checking out how the gold and green flake polish looked over a white polish base (it looks fine, by the way), I decided that it needed to go over a black polish next, for a Halloween look. I love the witchy color combo of black and purple, so that's why I went with purple for the accent.

gold/green by love & beauty, stiletto by revlon colorstay, amethyst by sinful colors
.  gold/green by love & beauty, stiletto by revlon colorstay, amethyst by sinful colors  .
Black nails with gold and green flakes, purple accent nail, halloween nails

This purple polish - Amethyst by Sinful Colors - is the perfect Halloween purple! 
Did you even know there was such a thing??

Halloween nails, purple accent nail, black nails with gold and green flakes

Sinful Colors Amethyst, black nails with gold flakes, halloween nails

Sinful Colors Amethyst, black nails with gold flakes, halloween nails, witch colors
As a parting sidebar, the brush on the Revlon Colorstay Stiletto polish was awesome - wide with a round, tapered tip, which made for really easy application.

Do you have a Halloween costume picked out already? Are you going to do your nails along with the rest of your costume? I'd seriously love to hear how you're going to be dressing up!

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  1. I LOVE this take on halloween nails. The football team my husband coaches for are Black and Orange, so I'm kind of (I might get shunned for saying this) over that color combo. I do it every weekend. This, on the other hand, is gorgeous! I also love the fact that you shortened collection to collecksh. Totally stealing that one. And yes--that is the perfect halloween purple--and I didn't realize there was such a thing until you pointed it out, but it really is! Happy Friday, friend!!

  2. Here's a shocker: I LOVE THIS. Haha! The flakes totally look like Goldschlager--yum! ;)

    And that's so cool you're going to meet up with other bloggers! I'm so jealous! I freaking LOVE Halloween and have had my costume for a while. I always make my costume, and it takes a while, but with the move and everything, I decided to buy one this year. I looked online FOREVER as the majority of costumes for women are slutty versions of things and therefore, no fun at all, but then I found a HILARIOUS costume. It's hard to describe, but rest assured, it is EPIC! The big party in town is next Saturday, so I'll have pictures up after that! :)

  3. The colors really do capture the whole witch concept, love it! Now I'm thinking about "Practical Magic", one of my favorite movies....

    1. I'm glad the concept translated well haha, I was hoping it wasn't just in my head that purple/black are witchy colors ;)

  4. Cute nails! I love the colors too :)

    Lillies & Silk

  5. I'm usually not big on purple polish (even though it's my favorite color), but that SC is GORG!


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