Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Almost Summer Around Here!

The beautiful spring-turning-summer stuff that's happening around Vancouver lately is making me slightly bummed to be leaving the area for Massachusetts later this week. I mean, obviously I'm ultra psyched to be seeing my family and friends - but the weather in Vancouver has just been spoiling me rotten. The temperatures around here are almost always comfortable - even in the wintertime, generally. I've experienced less than a handful of thunderstorms since moving to the Pacific Northwest in January 2012. Massachusetts summers, on the other hand, are hot, humid, and peppered with thunder and lightning storms. Mostly I'm worried about the humidity... it can really make me a cranky (and sweaty) biatch.

All that to say that I've been soaking up the outdoors around Vancouver lately and really appreciating the beautiful area that I live in - perhaps more so because I know that it will be in my rearview in a week.

Last Sunday, in lieu of taking a hike (as I'd mentioned we might) Dave and I went for a nice long walk through Pacific Spirit Regional Park near his UBC campus. The park is a nature reserve on the west side of town, with miles and miles of trails and woods, but somehow it was my first time checking it out.

It was a grey day, but our 5-mile walking through the park's winding trails was full of lush, green trees.

Wooded trail in Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Peeping through the trees in Pacific Spirit Park

The moss on many of the trees in the park had a distinctly mint-and-kelly green ombre effect, 
which I loved... 

Ombre moss on a douglas fir

There were some tallllllllllll trees in that park...

Tall trees!

And we even ran into a few big-ass slugs along the way...

Big slug on a Vancouver trail

Big slug on a Vancouver trail

Green moss growing on a grey rock

Tiny clovers

Another recent walk around my neighborhood revealed that the Kitsilano Public Pool is open and starting to see some action:

Kitsilano Public Pool and view of downtown Vancouver

Kitsilano Public Pool and view of English Bay, West Vancouver

View of yellow flowers growing near Kitsilano Public Pool, view of English Bay tankers in the background

And elsewhere, I continue to randomly enjoy all of the plant-life surrounding me...

Green ivy

Foxglove flowers growing in Vancouver

Purple flower petals on the grass

Yesterday was GORGEOUS outside - not a single complaint to be had. Spectacular blue sky and a light breeze that kept you from getting too hot in the sun. Dave and I spent an hour just lying out on a blanket on the Kits Beach lawn, soaking it in. Such a relaxing way to spend an hour.

Kitsilano Beach on a late Spring day, volleyball players and mountains

Kitsilano Beach and English Bay

Kits Beach

Tree against a blue Vancouver sky

Any signs of summer sprouting up around your hood?
What does summer weather feel like for you in your area?
Hope you're all breaking out your sunscreens!!!

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  1. Pool weather always makes me happy!

  2. its slowly getting pretty hot in toronto and more humid. i'm not pleased :(
    vancouver has the perfect weather for me.

    1. Ugggggh HEY humidity! COME ON, NO ONE LIKES YOU, TAKE A HINT. Vancouver has perfect weather for me too - rain and all!!

  3. It has looked like summer around here since April. I love these photos from your weekend. Nature at its finest. :)

    1. Lucky girl! Thanks for checking out my pics :)

  4. Holy moly do you take some amazing pictures, girl! I just love looking through them!

  5. I love Vancouver. So gorgeous and green when the weather is right!

    1. Vancouver is the best place I've ever lived!


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