Monday, June 30, 2014

July 4th Nails: Red, Negative Space, and Blue

Yeah, I know I said this nails blog would be posted on Saturday, but GUESS WHAT, I LIED AND ALSO THERE'S NO SANTA CLAUSE. Sawry.

Last year's Independence Day nails were a patriotic spin on classic leopard print, which seemed to be well received. This year I thought I'd use some nail decals for a spin on a standard "stars and stripes" look.

July 4th Nails
I used Ruby Ruby by Sinful Colors, Blue It from the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line, and a Crystal Silver polish from Forever21's Love & Beauty brand. I also used some of the chevron and star nail decals that I purchased from Inspired Nails last year.

Red white and blue nail polish with nail decals
After applying a base coat and allowing it to dry completely, I used the chevron decals across my pinky, ring and middle fingers. I also placed a star sticker in the center of my pointer nail. Next, working one nail at a time, I covered the chevron nails with red polish and then used tweezers to peel away the nail decal to reveal the shiny negative space beneath. The star decal was a little trickier to remove without mucking up the nail, but I got 'er done...

Blue star, red chevrons, sparkly silver thumb nail
I covered my thumb nail with 3 coats of Crystal Silver for some patriotic sparkle. I don't know what makes it "patriotic" but if you disagree with my use of the term then you must hate your country. Yes, I'm accusing you.

Red white and blue nails, chevrons and stars

Red chevrons, negative space, blue star, 4th of July nails

July 4th Nails, Independence Day nails
And because I like to keep it real, here's what my first attempt at this year's July 4th nails looked like (a disaster I alluded to on Instagram)...

Red and white stripes nails, fail

Suffice to say, that was not the look. Stripes are a real bitch, aren't they??

What will you be rocking on your nails this weekend for July 4th?
Who else is looking forward to some fireworks?!

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  1. Girl--are you even kidding me with this mani? Seriously? I'm a huge fan! I'm also totally impressed that you were able to peel off the star without any casualties! For realsie! Hashtag: impressed! LOVE it! I'm at a loss for a 4th of july mani...womp womp

  2. Your nails remind me of Wonder Woman. Go you!

  3. Love you nails! Your chevron print & colors very 4th of July ;)

    Lillies & Silk

  4. Oh yeah, the original mani attempt didn't even almost work out. Haha! I hate when it all goes to crap. BUT your second attempt is awesome! I love your creative take for the 4th! I'm a bad Canadian because I didn't do anything for Canada Day so YAY FOR YOU!! Haha!

  5. OO that is so cute! The blue polish + star reminds me of Captain America!

    Btw, I LOVE those anchor stickers, I have so many nail polishes that are nautical coloured- theme, I'm going to check out Inspired Nails!

    Macarons and Mischief

    1. Thanks Whitney! And yesss I would definitely recommend Inspired Nails for great decals. They are totally affordable and with a nice selection of stuff.


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