Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Few Good Things

I went out for a solo picnic one night this past week and ate my dinner next to the beach while enjoying this view:

sunset kitsilano beach english bay

The bald eagles near the Burrard Bridge have been out in their tree in plain view lately: 

bald eagle vancouver
Walking along near Granville Island recently we came upon a whole gaggle of geese and goslings eating their way across a green lawn. The goslings were still super fluffy looking - I thought they were adorable:

gosling vancouver

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  1. Yay for being outside! What a beautiful view for dinner....and that gosling is so cute. All the geese around here are walking around with their babies. Happy spring!

    1. I really enjoyed sitting out by the beach and eating my dinner - I hope to do it often this summer!

  2. vancouver looks so pretty!! wish i could be there

  3. Beautiful view!

  4. aw, that little gosling! so beautiful!

    xoxo from nyc &


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