Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sweat Roundup of the Week!

Well this is going to be brief because I barely did anything this week!

6/2 (cardio, lower body & core)
Hiked up The Chief! (Read all about it here tomorrow!)

6/7 (upper/lower body)
10 mins biking
12 bent over rows, 20 lbs each hand
20 calf raises, 20 lbs each hand
12 chest press on exercise ball, 15 lbs each hand
12 tricep kickbacks, holding 10 lbs
40 static lunges, 20 each leg
12 wide deltoid raises, 7.5 lbs each hand
12 squats, 20 lbs each hand
40 bridges

Yup, that's it. I took a brisk 4 mile walk yesterday, but I won't count that in my weekly workouts. I'll get back on track this week, I SWEAR!
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  1. I'm tired from just reading this.:) haha!!! I am hoping to start working out again tomorrow. Hoping being the key word here.


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