Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Great Use for a Leftover Frame: Sunglasses Holder!

I know I said that there would be a few days with no blogs from me, since my sister is here visiting me in Vancouver. But she is taking a nap right now and this is just a quickie post!

Remember when I put up some empty frames as wall decorations a few weeks ago? In that blog I mentioned that I'd purchased 5 frames, with only 3 of them making it up onto the wall. As for the other two frames that I'd purchased and painted for the project, one of them didn't take the paint well (it turned pink somehow) and the other just didn't really look "right" with the other frames.

This is the one that just didn't look right with the others:

picture frame with wire backing

And since I'd already gone through the trouble of paying for it, removing all the insane retro picture backing, cleaning it, and painting it, I figured it should be kept around until I found another use for it.

Here's my "other" use:

picture frame used as sunglasses holder

I doubt you have any questions at all about how this was achieved, so I won't insult you by posting any instructions. I hope you find this useful!!

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