Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Deece Purch: A $20 Thrifted Chair

David and I did a tremendous amount of paring down of our furniture when we moved from Massachusetts to Oregon last year. We went from having a couch, coffee table and living room chair to just having a loveseat couch... and a Tucker Tote covered in blankets for an ottoman. Normally we don't do too much entertaining at home, so our lack of seating wasn't doing much harm. It was just making our living room look pretty sparse. But when my sister came to visit a couple of weeks ago and we didn't have enough seating for three people in our living room, it was pretty obvious we needed to add a chair to the room.

Now we've got more company heading our way - Dave's brother is coming for a visit this week, all zee way from Florida - so there was some urgency to finding the right chair at the right price to add to our living room. We've been dreading making the trek to Ikea in Richmond, because it's a real pain in the ass to get there and then you have to actually deal with Ikea once you arrive! #Oy.

So when I found thissss little lady at the Salvation Army on 4th Ave for $19.99, I knew it needed to be ours... immediately:

pello ikea chair

We've actually contemplated buying this exact same chair from Ikea before. It's called the Pello and it normally sells for $60. The one I found in Salvay wasn't perfect... but it was damn close to it!!

There were just a few rogue spots in the white fabric of the chair...

thrifted pello ikea chair

... plus a couple minor knicks and marks on the wooden frame:

ikea pello chair from thrift store

I checked the entire chair to make sure that the white fabric cover was removable, so that I'd be able to bleach it and wash it easily. Seeing that the cover would be really easy to remove and wash, I was sold.

sold sign on salvation army ikea chair
.  thanks be to gloria  .
Not long afterwards, the chair was home in my living room! All I had to do was unzip the cover in a few places to remove the 4 different cushions, spray the whole cover with bleach water, throw it into the washing machine, and then let it air dry. It came out perfectly! I used some regular kitchen cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the wooden frame, removing all of the random marks and scuffs on it. Honestly, it looks pretty damn close to new, if you ask me! To boot, it was $40 less than it would have been at Ikea PLUS it took us less than 10 minutes to get to the Salvay with our car, load the chair in, and bring it home. You can't beat that!

Next on the "furniture" agenda is to buy me a new desk that I can use as a crafting/collage-making surface. We also need a real ottoman, though the Tucker Tote is really classing up the joint...

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  1. That's fantastic! I really like that chair - how have I not seen that at IKEA before??

  2. I always sit on these at Ikea!! Haha. What a lucky find! I love looking at thrift stores for furniture, you can usually find some pretty good stuff for dirt cheap!


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