Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sara Bareilles Performs in Vancouver

On Thursday May 9, my homegirl Sara Bareilles performed an intimate show at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver. The venue itself was also an active movie theater, and both the small size of the room and the fact that we all had comfy theater seats were a shock to me. We sat dead center in the last row of the first floor of the theater - pretty perfect view of the entire stage, with no tall people sitting in front of us. #Score!

Sidebar: Notice I'm using pronouns like "we" and "us"... that's because I made Dave come. 

If you have never seen Sara B. live... you need to. This woman has the voice of an angel but the mouth of a sailor. She's really funny and witty and beautiful and likes to curse - all of which meet my approval.

Here was most of her setlist from our evening at the Rio Theatre (what I could recall) - not in the correct order, SUE ME.

- King of Anything
- Uncharted
- Gravity (my all-time favorite song of hers - and the first that I ever heard)
- Single Ladies (you can hear her version of it here)
- Love On the Rocks mashed up with Elton John's Benny and the Jets
- Let the Rain
- Brave
- Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
- Once Upon Another Time

The list is definitely missing 2 or 3 songs but I can't remember what they were.

When she came out on stage for her encore, something absolutely fucking magical happened. She decided she'd perform Part of Your World... from the G.D. Little Mermaid. #YEWKIDDINME? She got to actually live every little girl's dream of performing this song. On stage. To a crowd. It was just magical people. Don't believe me?


Don't mind the shaky video. I was looking at her, not the viewfinder. SUE ME AGAIN.

Dave was really blown away that everyone in the audience knew all the words to the song... but then he remembered that we were at a Sara Bareilles show and everyone in the audience was probably a female my age. I elaborated to explain that we also all grew up performing that exact song in every swimming pool that we had access to as youngsters. Cue dramatic wave crashing up behind us in the background with our beautiful (red) hair flowing in the wind.

Sara B. concluded the show with another cover - Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. It was beautiful, obvi.

This was my third time seeing her live. The first time was at the House of Blues in Boston in 2010 (on my birthday!) and the second time was at the Bank of America Pavillion in Boston in 2011. Each time has been a blast - she really puts on an entertaining show. Her banter is just top notch and her singing is incredible. Not to mention the fact that my company at her shows has always been stellar. ;)

Are you a fan of Sara Bareilles? Have you ever seen her live?

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