Sunday, September 21, 2014

Afternoon Harassment... and My Workouts of the Week

I keep starting this blog and then deleting it. I was trying to make it chatty and light-hearted but that's not really an accurate reflection of how I'm feeling. Yesterday started out fine with me walking to Home Depot to pick up some tools I needed to hang up a new curtain rod in my bedroom - something that's been an ongoing project for several days now, believe it or not. Popping into Old Navy after Home Depot resulted in a new pair of grey Rock Star jeans and a new grey flannel - also not too shabby. 

However on the way home from my errands, I popped into a Starbuck's to try a Pumpkin Spice Latte for the first time ever... and was solidly sexually harassed in line by a loser meathead creep who obviously had no social skills or manners. What began as a stranger being mildly rude ("I like the way you look, are you married?") turned into an encounter that wouldn't end, even as I walked away from him to wait for my order. Long story short, he ended up saying something to me that took the "conversation" (should we even call it that?) from awkward/uncomfortable to completely effing unacceptable. Without raising my voice or making a scene, I let him know that he was being incredibly rude and that no one with any respect for herself would want to hear the kind of things he was saying. Not like I could have beaten him up instead, though giving him a hard knee to the groin was what I really wanted to do.

The worst part was that the Pumpkin Spice Latte was really, really good, and this guy nearly ruined the whole experience for me.

Well, no, in sooth, that was not the worst part. The worst part was feeling powerless to do much of anything about having someone say something so sexually off-color to me, that would make me feel so uncomfortable in a place as public as the line at a Starbuck's. I couldn't wash off the sliminess of hearing it. He couldn't take it back once he said it. Without having physically touched me, he ruined my afternoon.

After that I went home and tried once again to put up the curtain rod in my bedroom using my new tools, but it was one thing going wrong after another. You might be wondering how putting up a curtain rod could be such a big to-do... I couldn't tell you. But it's not working and I keep having to go back out to pick up new tools or hardware to finish the job. Without a car, walking to all of these stores is getting really old, and makes my projects take forever. 

With the frustration of my failing curtain rods and the lingering feeling of having been harassed earlier, suddenly my whole day felt like it was falling apart. Dramatic much? So I put the curtain project on hold and shifted gears to something that seemed like it would be more successful - hanging up a heavy mirror on one of my walls, using the help of a brand new stud-finder tool that I'd just purchased earlier that day. All seemed like it was going well, with the stud-finder seemingly working to pinpoint the stud in the wall I would be drilling into. If you follow me on Instagram, you might know where I'm headed with this...

The stud finder lied.

So then I just gave up and ate Ben & Jerry's ice cream the rest of the night.

And on that note, here are all my workouts from the past week!

9/15 (cardio and upper body)
15 mins elliptical
  - 15 M, 5 lbs each hand
  - 15 T, 5 lbs each hand
  - 15 Y, 5 lbs each hand
15 chest press on exercise ball, 10 lbs each hand
10 overhead press on exercise ball, 10 lbs each hand

9/16 (core and cardio)
30 alternating weighted side bends, 15 lbs each hand
20 cobras
20 Russian get ups, holding 7.5 lbs
30 weighted v-sit twists, holding 15 lbs
lying tornadoes (down and up once)
15 mins elliptical

9/18 (lower body)
2:30 jumping jacks
3x:  15 squats holding 25 lbs
3x:  15 single leg bridges each leg
1:15 jumping jacks
3x:  20 calf raises, 25 lbs each hand
1:20 jumping jacks

9/19 (upper body)
5 mins elliptical
3x:  12 lat pulldowns, 37.5 lbs
3x:  12 tricep extensions on exercise ball, 5 lbs each hand
3x:  12 overhead press on exercise ball, 10 lbs each hand
3x:  12 M prone on exercise ball, 5 lbs each hand
3x:  12 chest press on exercise ball, 10 lbs each hand
3x:  12 deltoid flys, 5 lbs each hand
3x:  12 bent over rows each arm, holding 10 lbs
3x:  12 Y prone on exercise ball, 5 lbs each hand

The Patriots are playing today, so I'm going to head over to my friend J-Rod's house to watch that this afternoon. If all goes as planned (and I don't really bank on that these days), I'll be bringing along some Dunkin Donuts Munchkins with bacon inserted into them... which is something I thought up last week and would like to see to fruition this week. Nothing like donuts and bacon to take your mind off of sexual harassment and failed home projects, I always say.



  1. I do not and will not ever understand why men find it appropriate or beneficial to ever speak to a woman like that. There have been many occasions where I've felt just 100% put off and frankly afraid to be in regular social settings based on things men have said. It makes me sick for them and for their effing parents who didn't do better. As for the other stuff? I say eff it. Shower without a curtain and leave the walls bare and drink wine instead ;)

  2. that's /so/ gross. how did he react to what you said?


    1. His actual response was, "Some people don't like what I say, but I just say what I think." In other words, he'll do this again to another woman as soon as he feels like it.

  3. Ugh! I hate that guys feel like this sort of thing is okay. Our bodies are NOT public property!
    I am so sorry about this :(

    1. It's a man's world, and they really think we're just living in it for them!! Ugh!


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