Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Craft Club #1: Fun with Foil

What do you get when you combine friends + crafts + good food + wine? You get a Craft Club. And ours just launched on Sunday night. 

My friend Steph is a huuuuge fan of crafting whenever possible (hence the coloring book session the two of us had together a few weeks ago), and she had the fabulous idea of starting a monthly Craft Club with some of our friends. Each month we'll rotate who hosts the club, and the host will choose the craft of the day.

So on Sunday evening, we met at Jenna's house for the inaugural craft sesh. Armed with 5 canvases, 1 jar of Mod Podge, an array of foam paintbrushes, 1 roll of aluminum foil, some scissors, and 2 cans of metallic spray paint, the 5 of us (me, Kara, Steph, Jenna and Lauren) went to town doing pretty much whatever we wanted.

The general idea was to cut/tear pieces of aluminum foil into shapes or strips and arrange them on our canvases, spray paint the canvases or foil pieces with metallic gold and silver, and then Mod Podge them into place on our canvases. Everyone's came out so different!

Craft Club

Craft Club
.  hard at work!  .

While we crafted, we also took breaks to enjoy the delicious white bean, pumpkin and turkey chili that Jenna had prepared for us that day in her crockpot. There were also crackers and cheese, as well as some incredible cupcakes that Steph brought from Cupcake City for dessert. Kara, who had come to the Craft Club straight from a baby shower for one of her cousins, brought with her some leftover sangria and chicken salad from the party to share with us.  I wasn't able to partake in any of the sangria or wine because of the muscle relaxers I've been taking, but I had plenty of iced tea to make up for it.

But back to the crafting.

Using different household objects as guides, I traced several circles of different sizes onto my foil before carefully cutting them out. Not fully sure what I was going to do with them, I started arranging the circles randomly around my canvas...

Crafting with foil and Mod Podge
And here's what I ended up with, though there may be some pink acrylic accents added to this before I put it into its frame:

Circles of foil and Mod Podge

Steph kept hers delightfully minimal with 3 adorably perfect hearts in one corner, and the "negative space" hearts in another part of the canvas. She sprayed her canvas gold before covering half of it with foil on a diagonal angle:

Foil hearts

Art with silver foil on gold canvas Kara made a cool cave-like design with hers, reminiscent of stalagmites and stalactites:

Fun with foil and Mod Podge

Golden foil on canvas

Lauren went to town on hers, turning it into a real picture of a sunset over an ocean of waves. I love the way the texture of the canvas comes through the gold paint:

Waves of foil on canvas

Sunset made with foil on canvas

And when we last left her, Jenna had made some progress towards the look you see below... though I know she was questioning whether or not she was going to keep it that way. Who knows how hers ended up!!

Foil shapes on canvas

Gold and silver foil shapes on canvas

This was really a perfect way to kick off our Craft Club. It was structured, yet completely laid back, the food was delicious and wonderfully comfort-foody, and we all left with a new piece of artwork.

Crafts and wine!
For our next Craft Club, the plan is to meet at Lauren's for a crochet lesson, probably sometime in early November.

Who else has gotten their creative juices flowing with a random craft project recently?
Would you ever get a Craft Club going with your friends?
Got any suggestions for an upcoming Craft Club project? Share with me!

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  1. I love this post! This should be a monthly series on the blog. Sunday night was so much fun and I can't wait for the next one!

  2. Replies
    1. Jenn, feel free to join us for the next one on November 1. Plenty of time for you to buy a plane ticket! ;)

  3. This looks amazing!!!!! I love this idea and what you all created!

    1. I'm very much looking forward to our next one! Just something fun and different to do with your friends :)

  4. Super cute! I'd love to see the framed version!!

    And the craft club is SUCH a good idea!! I'm especially jealous of your crochet party. I learned to crochet about 4 years ago and made a fab (though plain) scarf. But since then, I've forgotten some of the basics and haven't been able to make anything else. I'm also terrible at following YouTube directions. Still hoping I'll find a real person to re-teach me lol


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