Sunday, September 28, 2014

Falling into Fall while Holding a Camera

Normally I post my workouts today, but that damn shoulder pain has prevented me from even going to the gym this week. In lieu of a Workouts of the Week blog today, I thought I'd post some pictures I took while walking around the Mystic River Reservation on the first day of fall:

A tree with no leaves

A field and a forest

Tree with cool textured bark
.  i love the deep grooves in this tree's bark  .
Tree roots popping through the sidewalk
.  this tree's roots were rebelling against the sidewalk  .
Weird looking purple berries

.  pop of yellow in this green tree  .
Some of this tree's leaves are turning yellow

Airplane against a blue sky
.  airplanes fly over my apartment building alllllll the time  .

Despite the shoulder pain, this weekend has been a nice one. I finally got some muscle relaxers that give me enough relief to fall asleep, and since I didn't sleep at all last week, my Friday night was spent curled up in my bed watching episodes of Scandal on Netflix before passing out around 10. It was very exciting for me to realize when I woke up on Saturday that I'd actually fallen asleep the night before. Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Cambridge with my friends Kara and Jenna. We went to lunch at Charlie's Kitchen, where we ate outside in their beer garden, and then did some casual shopping in Harvard Square. Later that night I decided to tackle the project of putting together my new Tarva bed from Ikea. I expected to only take the parts out of the box and evaluate the situation, but I ended up glancing at the directions and realizing that they didn't look too tricky. And, lo, they weren't! I put the entire bed together, topped it with my comfy mattress, and slept on a REAL bed for the first time since moving in. Hoozah!

This afternoon some of my girlfriends are getting together for what we hope will be a new monthly staple:  a craft club! We'll take turns hosting the club and the craft (so each hostess will choose the craft on her day), and we will eat food and drink wine while being creative. Jenna is hosting the inaugural Craft Club (is it OK if I capitalize it? It's pretty official) today, and has kept the craft a secret so far. Can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve! I'll definitely bring my camera and then hopefully blog about it afterwards.

What do you think of the idea of a Craft Club? Sound like something you'd ever do with your friends?
Who else watches Scandal?
Is fall showing itself in your neighborhood trees yet?



  1. well since its a title and there for a pronoun, it can be capitalized. *pushes up glasses* haha
    a craft club sounds fun! and just getting together with friends regularly is such a treat.
    i haven't watched scandal but my colleagues keeps tell me about it. i'm watching another drama on netflix right now (a gentleman's dignity) its ok..just something to pass the time..

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I only just recently started watching Scandal on Netflix - I'm still on Season 1, but it's a goodie. I haven't heard of A Gentleman's Dignity but I'll have to look it up!

  2. Craft club is an awesome idea!
    Love the pix :)

    1. I just walked in the door from Craft Club and it was a blast!! We played around with foil and Mod Podge :) Pics to come!

  3. The first rule of craft club is, you don't talk about craft club?
    Sorry to hear about the shoulder pain- and your Fall looks suspiciously like Spring! And gorgeous,
    Yay for group Modge-Podging!

  4. Beautiful photos (as always!) Bailey! :) I would love a Craft Club, sounds like fun!


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