Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cafe Zen vs Home + My Workout

It's been raining here almost all weekend - the kind of weather that kind of makes you want to stay inside and wear pajamas all day. Despite that, we have managed to get out a bit for walks and errands and food!

I absolutely love going out to eat breakfast on the weekends, so each Saturday it's inevitable that I will drag Dave out to a diner somewhere for something eggs-and-bacon-ish.

Yesterday we went just up the street to Cafe Zen to sample their breakfast fare. We didn't have to wait at all, which sucked. (Not.)

Normally my order of choice is just two eggs over medium, bacon, wheat toast and homefries. This time I ordered Huevos Tapatios: two eggs, avocado, salsa, chorizo, cilantro, green onions, feta cheese and tomatoes, all served on top of a hot tortilla. I didn't take a picture of it, but this person did, if you're interested. It tasted just as good as it looks. It was also served with a little side dish of fruit.

We were however ignored by our waitress and didn't even get re-fills of our water or coffee. If we hadn't each had 2+ cups of coffee at home before we went out to breakfast, we probably would have been pretty peeved about that. Later we learned that our waitress had actually left the building altogether during our meal, and we were eventually (stress on the eventually, if the italics font didn't tip you off) given our check (or cheque if you're in Canada) by a different girl entirely and on our walk home even passed our first waitress as she waited for the bus on the sidewalk. Breakfast for the two of us here was about 30 Jo Bro$.

This morning I "made" a simpler breakfast at home, which I'm enjoying right now while we watch the Patriots game:  coffee, wheat toast w/ natural peanut butter, and a big 4-fruit salad.

.   apples, strawberries, grapes, banana   .
Perhaps not as fancy as the breakfast at Cafe Zen, but 100% easier on both my wallet and my health.

Speaking of health, I signed up for a new gym membership here in Vancouver the other day, at Steve Nash Fitness World (LOLOLOL Canadians love Steve Nash). It's pretty big and MUCH more crowded than any gym I've been at before. Also, it stinks. Like a hockey team's locker room. It does however have a Ladies Only room for strength-training, which so far I appreciate much more than I expected to. The entire gym is generally pretty disorganized - with weights/equipment lying around everywhere and a "grab a weight from someone else the second they set it down" type of "every man for himself" atmosphere.  There are "Please put your weights back on the racks" signs all over, but perhaps Dave and I are the only ones at the gym who know how to read? Not sure if this particular gym relationship is going to be a lasting one, but I'm willing to give it a chance for a little while.

We had to talk ourselves into going to the gym at all last night, and we finally did around 6pm, knowing that the gym closes at 7pm on Saturdays (wack). For that reason, this workout was shorter than usual, but I'm very glad I did it anyway. 

I thought I'd also blog about my workouts here, which you're welcome to read, skim, or skip. I'll also include links to videos or resources where you can see what each exercise is and how it's performed. (I do this for my blog at work sometimes, too!) Working out is definitely one of my interests, as anyone who has ever gotten into a conversation with me about fitness knows. I have my job to thank for this and consider it to be one of the most important things that I've gotten out of my nearly 5 years with the company. Being exposed to so many different workout ideas on a weekly basis has made me feel like I never have the excuse of being bored with my workout routine. Plus, each workout is usually demonstrated and thoroughly described by a certified fitness professional, so it's not just "ideas" I'm getting - it's actual fitness knowledge. 

10/13 workout;
10 mins elliptical
12 overhead press, 12 lbs each hand
on exercise ball, 10 lbs each hand:
   - 12 chest press
30 crunches on exercise ball, holding 12 lbs
12 deltoid flys, 8 lbs each hand
40 leg lifts + 6 lb medicine ball pullover (I usually do these with 8-10 lbs, but I can't find anything in this gym! 6 lbs was all I could locate)
24 plank row, 8 lbs each hand
40 weighted side bends, 12 lbs each hand
12 deltoid raises, 8 lbs each hand
- :30 plank
- 60 "swimmers"

Do you have a gym membership? If so, do you use it as much as you want to? 

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