Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vancouver Restaurant: Cactus Club Cafe

What: Cactus Club Cafe
Where: Along Sunset Beach in Vancouver

On Saturday night David and I made our way across the Burrard Bridge to walk along Sunset Beach.

We strolled along till we became a little hungry, then decided to stop at the Cactus Club Cafe, a beach-side restaurant with a nice looking patio. We opted to wait the approximately 25 minutes for a free table, and I'm glad we did.

Sitting on their heated patio (these patio heaters are one of my favorite things about the West Coast), I felt like we were in Miami (not that I've been there, hah!!) - beside a the beach but looking at city skyscrapers.

We decided to split an appetizer and ordered soups as our main courses. We also uncharacteristically ordered a couple of drinks - the "Cohiba" was both lemony and minty, with muddled blackberries and what the menu claimed was vodka... however neither one of us could taste any of the latter. For $8 each, they weren't the most expensive drink in the world, but a little steep for something that had next to no alcohol in it! They were definitely delicious anyway.

The chicken quesadilla that we split as an app had pesto and cranberries and was served with something like a Ranch dressing. It all tasted incredible and I'd definitely order it again (if we hadn't already vowed to never eat at the same place twice!).

For my main course I had a butternut squash soup that was served with an apple foam and was lightly dressed with a basil oil and topped with a seared scallop centerpiece. David had a won ton soup with jumbo prawn that he also seemed to enjoy. I am permanently compelled to order the butternut squash soup any time I see it on a menu, because I absolutely love it and don't come across it often enough when dining out. This version did not disappoint!

All in all, our meal eaten by the beach while watching the sun set was really wonderful. The patio also offered beautiful views of the ships that are parked out in the English Bay, which all light up in a sparkly display once it's dark outside.

Our walk to and from the restaurant totaled about 4.5 miles round trip (or 7.24 km, as I'll have to become used to figuring out!). I love taking walks after a meal - do you?

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