Friday, October 12, 2012

Urban Outfitters Dust Nail Polish

I made my first-ever purchase from an Urban Outfitters the other day, picking up two new nail polishes.  I don't normally shop at Urban Outfitters, but there is a store just up the street from me now and they lured me inside with the "50% off sale" signs that were plastered all over their front door. I almost bought a really pretty green dress as well but decided there wasn't a great need for me to buy a tank top dress in Canada in mid-October.

My two new nail polishes are called Dust and Lollipop and I don't own anything like either of them - and I own a lot of nail polishes which may end up being blogged about pretty often.

I haven't tried Lollipop yet, but have been wearing Dust for a few days now. (Not because it's lasted that long; I just keep reapplying it because it's so cool to look at on my fingertips.) It's a mostly-clear, slightly blue-tinted base with a fine navy blue sparkle in it, infused with two other glitters - one fine (but not as fine as the blue sparkle) silver and one chunky silver.

The below picture shows what it looks like with 3 coats plus a top coat, but you can keep layering it for even more opacity:

.   in natural light  .
.   inside  .
.  Urban Outfitters' Dust  . 
I'm pleased with this polish and am excited to try Lollipop as well, which is even more interesting than Dust! These polishes were being sold at 2 for $8, so not bad for a cool polish. They're $6/each otherwise.

Do you wear nail polish? Do you not give a crap about it? What's your favorite brand/polish?

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