Friday, October 19, 2012

Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

As mentioned last week, I really enjoy collecting nail polishes and painting my nails. Fingernails are like ten tiny little canvases, as far as I'm concerned, and painting them actually makes a fun creative outlet. I don't always feel like I've got time for a full-on craft project, and painting my nails is a less time-consuming way to feel artistic. 

Pair my fondness for craftiness with my compulsion to peel the polish off of my nails almost immediately, and you're looking at a pretty serious need for a large nail polish collection.

That said, this blog will be about a combination of two of my favorite things: autumn and nail polish. 

Below is my line up of nail polishes that I love this fall. I know there are some pretty "major players" missing from this list (I'm lookin' at you, Lincoln Park After Dark), but these are just the ones that I happen to love and (in most cases) own.

.   outlined below, from left to right  .
Essie - A List:  A darker red (not a darrrrk red, but a darkER red). It's more of a cherry than it comes across in pictures.

Ruby Kisses - Fuzzy Navel: The color I think of when I hear the phrase "blood orange." Definitely a "New England foliage" type of bright red-orange.

NK Nail Enamel - Vibrant Orange/Milani - Metallic Mango (these two colors are pretty much dupes for one another):  A rusty, citrusy tangerine with golden yellow shimmer.

China Glaze - Heart of Africa: A dark merlot with a fine red shimmer.

Essie - Sew Psyched: A "brighter-than-army green" earthy green. Have you ever smelled the Gap perfume/candle "Grass"? Sew Psyched reminds me of that scent.

Sinful Colors - Rain Storm: The name is very appropriate - this is a "stormy day" blue with a greyish/greenish undertone.

Orly - Bailamos: Let the rhythm take you (and your fingernails) over. This is a rich, jewel-tone turquoise that's perfect for fall.

Orly - Mysterious Curse: A holographic, oil-spill, galaxy-esque purple/blue polish.

Sally Hansen - Luminous Tulip: A mashup of dark pink and lilac purple with blue undertones and gorgeous flecks that catch the light. It's a great way to wear something pink in the fall, b/c it looks good even against (perhaps especially against) paler skin.

Essie - Mochacino: Yum-my. A light, earthy brown with fine silver flecks. Combines my love of light brown with my love of silver!
<< Orly - Buried Treasure: A shimmery bronze, perfect for fall metallics lovers.

>> China Glaze - Desert Sun:  A mustardy, brownish yellow. I don't actually own this one... yet! I've been on the hunt for it but haven't been able to locate it in a store. The color is very "fall" but a little bold for me to wear in an article of clothing - I can't picture myself getting much use out of a "desert sun" shade of jeans, for example, but in a nail polish it's the perfect splash of fall!

What are your favorite fall nail polishes? Did any of your favorites make this list? Do you not give a crap about nail polish? Let me know!

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