Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Which Canada Effs Us in the A

Our (Dave's) car was broken into on Tuesday night, while it was parked inside of our building's locked parking garage.

I finished working at 3pm on Wednesday and got all ready to go to the gym. I was feeling pretty good, pleased that I was getting to the gym so early in the afternoon. I stepped out of the elevator into the garage of our building and as I approached the car said to myself.... "Is that back window open??" I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. "Shit.... Did I leave a window wide open???"

NOPE. Didn't leave it open.

.   fahk  .
The back passenger window had been completely smashed to oblivion. There was glass ALL over the ground next to the car, inside the car, under the car. I had no idea car windows could be demolished so thoroughly - parts of the window had been reduced to not much more than glass powder.

A quick check showed that yes, some things had been stolen. I was most heartbroken to see that Dave's huge book of like 300-400 CDs was gone - music that he's been accumulating his entire life. My own CD book was stolen from my car back in 2003 and I can honestly say I never fully emotionally recovered from it (I'm serious), so I couldn't imagine how David was going to feel when he heard the news.

Eventually I noticed that the truck next to us had also had one of its windows smashed:

.   a-holes  .
UGH. Why are there people out there who do shitty things like this? I don't think we'll EVER be able to remove all this glass from the car.

I filed a police report but nothing will come of it. I was told to clean it up as best I could and to just go get the window repaired. Terrific.

Meanwhile I'm now more uncomfortable than I already was about going down to the parking garage by myself.

On a semi-positive end note, Dave let me know last night that he had just recently completed a massive project of loading ALL of his CDs onto his computer. No music was lost in this B&E.

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  1. not cool at all. it's a cruel, cruel country, Canada. that's what I always say. well not really, but i'm going to start saying that now.


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