Thursday, January 31, 2013

Amazing iTunes Genius Playlist!

On the nights when it's "my turn" to make dinner, I love bringing my laptop right into the kitchen, placing it on the counter, perusing my iTunes library for a song with the right feeling to match whatever mood I happen to be in, and then creating a Genius playlist from that song to listen to while I cook.

If you're not familzzz, iTunes' Genius feature is just like Pandora, except it creates playlists straight from your own iTunes library. It is, if you ask me, genius.

Sometimes Genius throws together a playlist way better than I could have chosen myself - locating gems in my library that I wouldn't have even thought of. So basically even though this is MY music, I can't take much credit at all for how awesome these playlists end up being sometimes.

Case in point:  Tuesday night I needed some "making really good grilled cheeses" music. {Hey, when it's my turn to make dinner, I go hard.}  I browsed a bit and then chose "Street Talking" by Slick Rick and Outkast as the basis for my Genius playlist. What resulted was just too good NOT to share... This playlist is bomb and if you own the necessary ingredients, I hope you'll save this list and throw it on the next time you need to clean your house or sort your laundry or make a particularly delicious grilled cheese... with a soundtrack:

1. Street Talking - Slick Rick feat Outkast
2. You Know My Steez - Gang Starr
3. Cher Chez La Ghost - Ghostface Killah
4. The 6th Sense - Common
5. Brooklyn Zoo - Ol' Dirty Bastard
6. Memory Lane  - Nas
7. Nas Is Like - Nas
8. Stakes Is High - De La Soul
9. I'm Not a Player - Big Punisher
10. Cereal Killer - Method Man & Redman
11. D'evils - Jay-Z
12. Xxplosive  - Dr. Dre
13. Me and Nas Bring It to Your Hardest - Slick Rick and Nas
14. Humble Mumble - Outkast
15. Get Down - Nas
16. Thieves In the Night - Blackstar
17. Da Joint  - EPMD
18. Moment of Truth - Gang Starr
19. Still Dreaming - Nas and Kanye
20. A-yo - Method Man and Redman
21. Y.O.U.  - Method Man and Redman
22. Intro/A Million and One Questions - Jay-Z
23. 2nd Childhood - Nas
24. Memories - Slick Rick
25. Beware - Big Punisher



If you're into all of those sorts of things :)

Since this is my blog and I do whatever I want, you may find that amazing iTunes genius playlist blogs pop up from time to time! How does that make you feel?

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