Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fruit Salad with Dinner, Because Salad Spinners Suck

I love a good side salad with dinner as much as the next person, but let me tell you something I hate:  washing/spinning/chopping lettuce. I don't know what it is about the lettuce process that tires me so, but it sure keeps me eating a lot of bagged baby spinach - which I supposed isn't such a terrible thing.

Typically a dinner at our home isn't a "complete" dinner unless there is a solid serving of veggies or fruits in there somewhere, so on the nights that both of us would rather rub our eyeballs with raw onion than "deal with" lettuce, we turn to "Can't we just have a fruit salad insteadddd?"

Hell yes, we can!

For some reason, washing/cutting up fruit pisses me off way less than washing/spinning/chopping lettuce. I think it's mostly the salad spinner that's the problem... God I hate that thing.

salad spinner
.  see what i'm dealing with?  .
So if you also happen to be looking for an escape from lettuce every now and then, why not try a fruit salad instead?

Our typical on-hand fruits are strawberries or blackberries, red or black grapes, bananas and apples:

fruit for fruit salad
.   so fresh and so clean  .
Side bar - have you ever tasted/heard of a black grape?? I never had until we moved here... and I can't find them in our local Safeway, but there is a small market a block from our apartment that sells them. They're massive - probably about twice the size of a normal grape - and so consistently delicious. They're much sweeter than red or green grapes. NOM.

Chop it all up and serve it with dinner in place of a side salad every once in awhile! It'll be a refreshing change and it'll add some different colors to your dinner.

fruit salad
.  and that's what's up  .
Use the in-season foods link that I included in my Micro Greens blog to select some of your region's in-season fruits!


  1. Yummy!! Do those massive grapes have seeds? Fun Canadian find!

  2. No seeds!! They're the best discovery ever!

  3. lol! I feel the same way about the spinner and I don't know why! I am happy to cook the most complicated of meals but when it comes time to make the salad, I'm done. (Which is weird, 'cause I love salads, but only when other people make them...)

  4. I'm a very, very lazy "cook" (I hesitate to even call myself that). I really do love salads and I love lettuce.... just hate "dealing" with it. GAHHH!


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