Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine's Day Nail Polish ALREADY. YIKES.

Valentine's Day isn't really "around the corner" yet, by normal standards, but I thought I'd give all the boyfriends in the world a little heart palpitation (so romantic) by reminding you that it's A MERE MOMENT AWAY by merchandising and commercial standards. Hence this nail polish tutorial - the first of what I hope to be several Valentine's Day-inspired looks for you and yah pretty fingahnails to try on in the next month.

Ready to get your heart and nails all a-freakin-flutter?  GOOD.

valentine's day nail polish

Let's do this shit!

1. Grab some things that look like this:

pink sparkly white nail polish

I'm using a pink sparkly glitter polish with a clear base from Wet 'n Wild called Sparked, my *brand new* Revlon Top Speed polish in the color Orchid, and Sinful Colors' Snow Me White.

2. Paint all ya nails 2 coats of Orchid. It's sewww prettttaaaaay - a perfect pinky-purple with a fine shimmer. It was opaque after one coat but I added another for extra staying power.

3. Get feisty. I just decided on the fly how to dress up each nail from here. 

I painted a couple coats of Sparked onto my ring finger and used Snow Me White to tap some polka dots onto my thumb and middle fingers. Then, again using Snow Me White, I wiped off most of the polish from the brush and used just a dab on the tip to draw (actually more of a tapping motion than a drawing motion) a V-shape onto my pointer and pinky nails. You kind of have to tinker with it a tiny bit, but it really is more or less just making a V and tapping it gingerly enough with your brush to then make it look a little more like a heart. Practice a few times on some scrap paper first if you're nervous. You poor, terrified angel.

And here we have some nails that will make him say oh, oh oh oh.
valentine's day nail polish
.  outside in natural light  .
Ladies, don't expect any roses next month if you're not stepping up your nail game. 
You know how men just adore nail polish.

valentine's day nail polish

Let me know if you try this! You can tweet me a picture @akaBailey :)

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