Friday, January 25, 2013

Delightful Dots: Valentine's Day Nails


With Milani's Ruby Jewels nail polish as well as my new "Quo by Orly" dotting tool... and I've got a new Valentine's Day inspired nail polish design that uses both! #STFU. #NOSHEDITTN'T #YESSHEDID.
Behold these little Delightful Dots:
valentine's day nails, red with white and pink dots
.  nothing says "love" like multi-colored spots  .
Zee tools:
white nail polish, pink nail polish and red nail polish
.  that one is white, that one is pink and that other one is sparkly red.
aren't you glad i captioned this?  .
nail polish and nail dotting tool
.  use these things... or be a failure. your choice  .
- Sinful Colors' Snow Me White:  just a plain crisp white that I use all the freaking time.
- Milani's Tip Toe Pink:  a straight-up Pepto Bismal pink - a milky, bright pastel that's super opaque with no shimmer.
- Milani's Ruby Jewels: see below :)
- Qua by ORLY double-ended dotting tool: came in a package with a brush detailer, see here.
- Something non-porous to use as a little paint palette - I'm using a piece of plastic from my recycling bin.

It was my first time using a real life dotting tool instead of a bobby pin or a toothpick. So I guess you could say I'm really becoming a woman.

I started off by painting all of my nails two coats of Milani's Ruby Jewels, which is one of my favorite nail polishes in my entire collection... and I don't even like the color red usually. It's got a very sheer cherry/red wine base with ultra-fine red glitter in it. The glitter is so fine that I can't tell if some of them are black (maybe??) or if the red glitter is just multi-faceted and appears darker in different light. With multiple coats, it's very "Dorothy's ruby slippers"-esque. I've used it before in one of my Holiday Nail tutorials, if you'd like to check that out.

ruby jewels milani, red sparkly nail polish
.  make sure to get a nice coat of red all over your fingertips as well, ladies .
Next I placed 3-4 drops of Snow Me White onto a piece of plastic (I happen to be using the latest design from CalFruit Strawberries, in "clear plastic container top chic") and used the larger end of my dotting tool to dip it into the polish and onto my nails. Then I did the same thing with Tip Toe Pink, except using the smaller end of the dotter. I overlapped the two whenever I felt like, because. Just because.
valentine's day nails, red with white and pink dots

Outside {L} and Inside {R}:

valentine's day nails, red with white and pink dotsvalentine's day nails, red with white and pink dots

Lots more Valentine's Day nails coming... definitely at least one more polka dot. At least one.

If you try this, tweet me a picture @akaBailey!
Or don't... SEE IF I CARE!


  1. Love your nails, so cute! I'm also really liking your blog - keep up the good work!

    Have a wonderful day,

  2. Thanks for the kind words ladies! :)


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